Watch Tony Bennett Beautifully Draw Lady Gaga for Their New Album 'Love for Sale' 's Cover

Love for Sale, their second collaborative album released on Friday

If you thought Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett's relationship couldn't get any sweeter — wait until you watch this clip.

Gaga and Bennett released their Cole Porter 10-track tribute album Love for Sale on Friday, and in a sweet clip, fans can watch Bennett drawing Gaga for the album's cover.

"You know what I was thinking of doing is sketching you, and possibly pose for the cover," Bennett, 95, says in the opening of the video.

"Really?" Gaga, 35, says in response. "I would love that!"

Tony Bennett Draws Lady Gaga

The video then pans and transitions throughout the process of Gaga posing as Bennett sketches her with a notebook and pencil — and as their version of "I Concentrate on You" plays in the background.

When Bennett completes the sketch, he shows the drawing to Gaga and she begins to tear up.

"Tony, it's beautiful," she says. "It's so beautiful."

Tony Bennett Draws Lady Gaga

Earlier this week, Colombia Records/Interscope Records released a new trailer that offered a behind-the-scenes look at the Love for Sale's production. At the beginning of the clip, Gaga explained that Bennett called her "right after" they released their first joint album, and said he wanted to work with her again.

"I think it was the next day, after the record released and had gone No. 1, he said, 'I wanna make this Cole Porter record with you,' and I said I would do it, and then guess what?" Gaga said. "We did it!"

"She's got so much talent that the minute we're together, something very good happens between the two of us," Bennett added.

Tony Bennett Draws Lady Gaga

This is the duo's second album together, following 2014's Cheek to Cheek.

The album's release comes several months after Bennett's family revealed that the singer lives with Alzheimer's disease. At the time, however, his wife Susan Benedetto revealed that he still remembered Gaga.

"Yes, but you know, Gaga is wonderful," Benedetto said on CBS This Morning in February. "Most definitely. Gaga is hard to forget."

Love for Sale is out now.

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