Watch Nicki Minaj Do a Hilarious Adele Impression: 'Think Black Lady in London'

Minaj's newest collaboration with Lil Baby to "Do We Have a Problem?" dropped on Friday

Mixing Barbie and British diva? We like the sound of that!

During an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Thursday, Nicki Minaj channeled her inner British super star for an impression of Adele!

Corden, 43, brought up Adele's 2016 Carpool Karaoke to Minaj, 39, where the "Hello" singer impressively rapped the lyrics to "Monster."

Recalling the moment, Minaj said it "made my day, my year" and she "probably got a thousand phone calls" about it.

Corden the challenges the "Super Bass" rapper by asking, "What does Nicki Minaj's impression of Adele sound like?"

nicki minaj nad adele
Nicki Minaj and Adele. Kevin Mazur/Getty; CBS via Getty

Minaj takes a deep breath, fixes her hair, and proceeds to conduct a hilarious impression of the "Rolling in the Deep" singer, 33, with a British accent and hand gestures.

"Alright, in order for me to channel Adele, I sort of have to think Black lady in London right? Because the thing is, normally everybody knows, my British accent is sort of like a posh white lady, a rich white lady," she begins as Corden is laughing uncontrollably in the background.

She continues, "But with Adele, I sort of have to transform. Like you know, she might of used to sell crack and maybe she used to be hustling nickels and dimes in the hood and then got her big break. That's what I see when I see her, she always so expressive."

Minaj's newest single, a collaboration with Lil Baby titled "Do We Have a Problem?" dropped on Friday with an accompanying music video.

Meanwhile, last month, a harassment lawsuit filed against the rapper by her husband Kenneth Petty's alleged rape victim, Jennifer Hough, was voluntarily dismissed, according to documents obtained by PEOPLE at the time.

"The case against Nicki was voluntarily dismissed. The case against Kenneth Petty is still ongoing. Stay tuned!" Hough's lawyer, Tyrone Blackburn, told PEOPLE in a statement.

The "Starships" rapper, however, still plans to fight for money lost in legal fees.

Minaj's lawyer, Judd Bernstein, told Hough's lawyer he was pleased that Hough and Blackburn "came to their senses," according to an email obtained by PEOPLE.

"Your conduct in pursuing this case against Nicki represents the worst of our legal system: bottom-feeding lawyers who pursue frivolous actions against a celebrity assuming that they will be paid off if they throw up enough dirt," he wrote.

Bernstein added, "It is just the beginning of Nicki's and my efforts to make you pay for your disgraceful conduct with both money and, if the Court recommends it, disciplinary sanctions."

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