Drake calls in a favor from Justin Bieber when he is too busy to film the music video for DJ Khaled

By Georgia Slater
Updated September 04, 2020 09:35 AM

Justin Bieber saves the day!

On Thursday, DJ Khaled and Drake dropped the music video for their latest collaboration, "POPSTAR," which takes an unconventional approach with Bieber as the main star instead of the famed Canadian rapper.

The eight-minute-long video begins with a series of videos from DJ Khaled constantly hounding Drake and reminding him that they "have to shoot the 'POPSTAR' video."

A frustrated Drake says the producer, 44, is "off his rocker" and is fed up with his incessant requests.

"Every five seconds on my phone he's asking me for something ... another one," he says, poking fun at DJ Khaled's famous catchphrase.

DJ Khaled
DJ Khaled/Youtube
DJ Khaled/Youtube

After a few seconds of thinking, Drake, 33, decides to call in a favor and enlists help from Bieber to fill in for him in the video.

As the music for "POPSTAR" begins, Bieber is seen waking up in bed after what seemed to be a wild house party.

He walks downstairs, dressed in a vibrant green ensemble, holding on to his bottle of champagne to see that the party still going on.

Justin Bieber
DJ Khaled/Youtube
Scooter Braun
DJ Khaled/Youtube

Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, then makes a quick cameo trying to get his client to shut down the party.

After changing into different funky outfits, Bieber, 26, heads to a video shoot where he strips down to reveal his fully-tattooed upper half.

DJ Khaled/Youtube
DJ Khaled/Youtube

Bieber then returns to his mansion for another night of partying before falling asleep and waking up next to his wife, Hailey Baldwin.

"I had a crazy dream," he tells his wife, explaining that he had to step in for Drake for a music video. "I love you baby, let's go walk the dog."

And while Bieber thought the crazy house party was just a dream, during his morning stroll with Baldwin, the singer grabs his phone from his pocket as it rings only to receive the fateful call from Drake.

After the release of the video, Drake thanked Bieber on Instagram for stepping in when he needed him.

"Thanks JB.....I owe u you one. 🤍," the rapper wrote alongside a snippet of the video.

DJ Khaled also commented with words of appreciation, writing, "Thank u DRAKE AND JB I OWE U YALL A FEW!!!!!!!!!!!"

Responding to Drake's post, Bieber shared the video to his Instagram writing, "@@champagnepapi anytime."

DJ Khaled also shared a teaser for the video across his socials, revealing that "we got the BBIGGEST #POPSTAR for the #POPSTAR video 🎥🍿MY BROTHER @justinbieber !!!!!!!!!!"

"Bless up @haileybieber," he added, thanking Bieber's wife for appearing in the video.

"Popstar" is available now wherever you stream music.