Watch Cardi B Practice CPR on a Dummy with Lilly Singh as Her Hype Woman

Cardi B's latest episode of Cardi Tries __ has her tackling firefighting

Cardi B has been burning up the charts for a few years now, but she's ready to tackle a hot new role: firefighter.

In a new episode of her Messenger series Cardi Tries ___ that comes out on Friday, the "WAP" rapper recruits comedian Lilly Singh to help her learn the basics of firefighting.

In a clip shared exclusively with PEOPLE, Cardi, 29, and Singh, 33, are taught how to do CPR by members of the City of Monrovia's fire department in California, starting with chest compressions.

"I'mma be your hype woman, OK?" Singh tells Cardi, as the star gets to work doing 30 compressions at 100 per minute.

Next, the Grammy winner listens intently as her instructor teaches her how to put an oxygen mask on a patient — and is soon rewarded for her hard work with a customized turnout that says "Cardi" on the back.

"Oh my God, I wanna take that home!" she says. "Yay!"

Adds Singh: "That's really cute. Oh my God."

Watch Cardi B Practice CPR on a Dummy – with Lilly Singh as Her Hype Woman
Cardi B and Lilly Singh. Meta

Elsewhere in the episode, Cardi and Singh learn how to put out fires and put their newfound knowledge to the test with a simulated fire drill that sees them pulling a dummy out of a burning building and climbing up multiple flights of stairs to extinguish the blaze.

Eventually, the two stars give the real-life firefighters Oculus devices, a year's supply of meat and a donation to the Foothill Unity Center.

This is not the first time Cardi has stepped out of her comfort zone on the series; she previously learned to make chocolate bonbons with Teyana Taylor and embraced all things country with singer Jimmie Allen.

Fans can watch the new episode on Watch Together via Messenger and Instagram (in addition to Facebook Watch), which lets users watch music videos, TV shows and more with their friends and family in real-time

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