Taiwanese American Superstar Wang Leehom Announces Career Break amid Messy Divorce, Infidelity Allegations 

Wang Leehom — one of Asia's most-successful pop stars — has been embroiled in scandal over the last week, fighting publicly with his estranged wife

Wang Leehom
Photo: Visual China Group via Getty Images/Visual China Group via Getty Images

After a drama-filled week during which he confirmed his divorce from estranged wife Lee Jinglei and confronted allegations of infidelity and hiring prostitutes, Taiwanese American pop superstar Wang Leehom announced on Sunday he is taking a career break to focus on his family.

In a statement shared on his social media, Wang — who has been facing strong backlash amid a very public dispute with Lee about the breakdown of their marriage — took "all responsibility" for the trying week.

"I failed to manage my marriage properly and brought hardship to my family members," wrote the star, 45, whose father, Wang Ta-chung, also spoke out in defense of his son last week. "I wasn't a good role model. It's all my fault. I apologize to my parents, Jinglei and our kids."

The New York-born Wang — who shares three young children with Lee, whom he wed in 2013 — has long had a squeaky-clean image and is one of Asia's highest-paid stars, selling more than 60 million albums and starring in upwards of 20 films, including Ang Lee's Lust, Caution.

Three days after Wang announced their separation, his ex, 33, accused the singer of serial cheating, solicitation of prostitutes and verbal abuse in a long note posted to her Instagram.

A manager for Wang did not immediately respond to a request for comment from PEOPLE.

Denying Lee's accusations, Wang previously publicly pleaded with his ex to allow him to see their children and claimed she had cut off contact.

Lee responded with another lengthy public response — along with a screenshot of multiple calls she claimed she had made to reach him — and accused Wang of attempting to bribe and silence her.

Wang Leehom and Jingle
Wang with Lee and their children. Jinglei/Instagram

In his latest public statement, Wang promised fans he will be a "good father, a good son" and act appropriately as a "public figure."

"I am preparing to temporarily take a career break and spend time with my parents and my children to help repair the damage done during this time," he said, adding that he would be providing for his kids financially — including transferring a family home to Lee — in the future.

"I will always be there to raise our kids and be responsible for their education and expenses," he wrote. "I didn't handle this situation properly and I apologize again to everyone."

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