'The Voice' 's Final Four Look Ahead to the Season 14 Finale – How They're Gearing Up for the Big Night

Britton Buchanan, Kyla Jade, Spensha Baker and Brynn Cartelli are about to find out who will be crowned the winner of season 14 of The Voice

The Voice’s final four contestants — Britton Buchanan, Kyla Jade, Spensha Baker and Brynn Cartelli — are one step closer to finding out if they will be crowned the winner of season 14.

But before the results are announced on Tuesday, the finalists will have one last shot to give the show their all, as they each perform three separate times — one new solo cover, a special duet with their coach and a debut of their first original single.


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After the live show on Monday, the contestants looked back on their journey throughout the competition and revealed how they’re gearing up for the big night.

Britton Buchanan — Team Alicia


Win or not, Buchanan plans to instantly “really going to get the ground running” on his career.

“I have a couple records ready, but the problem is figuring out which one to do first,” Buchanan reveals to PEOPLE.

Buchanan’s decision to sing The Rascals’ 1966 classic “Good Lovin” during Monday’s show was evident, as his coach Alicia Keys explains “he has such an old soul.”

“He calls himself a ‘music nerd’ and he’s just all over great and timeless copywrites, so when he sent his 30 original songs it was really exciting to hear the capacity of his work. It also means he has an album ready tomorrow!” Keys says during a press conference ahead of Monday night’s show, and Buchanan admits he still has “20 more to send off to her.”

She adds about his style: “For Britton, he has flavors of John Mellencamp, he has flavors of Bruce Springsteen, he has flavors of Elton John, he has flavors of Ed Sheeran.”


During Monday’s show, took to the stage to perform Avicii‘s “Wake Me Up” with Keys and an original song, “Where You Come From,” which he wrote in his high school chemistry class. And no matter what happens on Tuesday night, Buchanan has big plans for his future.

“I’m gonna get a record out as soon as possible and find some musicians,” he says. “I have 20 more original songs sitting around that I have to send off to Alicia at some point, but I have a couple records ready.”

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While Buchanan’s songs have been trending on iTunes, he says he’s all about the albums.

“I feel like we become such a song-centric world to the point where people just buy individual songs, and that’s just not for me,” he adds. “An album is supposed to have a specific theme and meaning and feeling that it gives you, and a story from start to finish, so I rarely will listen to music if I can’t listen to an album from start to finish. That’s why I’m late a lot!”

Kyla Jade — Team Blake

Tyler Golden/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty

Jade may have kicked off finale week from the waiting room medical office after she overworked her voice, but a show-stopping performance was just what the doctor ordered.

“We didn’t get a lot of sleep, so I had a little swelling and I was a little hoarse for a couple days,” she reveals to PEOPLE. “I had a breathing treatment this morning, took a couple different medicines and some gross lozenges that the doctor gave me, and then I shut up for five hours and almost passed out.”

On Monday, Jade gave a powerful performance of Joe Cocker’s “With a Little Help from My Friends.”

“With Kyla, there is no way to look beyond what she’s capable of doing vocally and how much of herself she leaves on the stage,” says her coach, Blake Shelton. “She is a world-class vocalist [and] her talent is absolutely undeniable.”


She also performed Wynonna’s “Only Love” with Shelton and brought the crowd to tears with her original song, “The Last Tear.”

“I wanted to have fun tonight,” she says. “The process has been great, but it’s been very difficult and very hard emotionally, so tonight I just wanted to have fun and to thank everyone for their support, and to find a song that could do that.”

Spensha Baker — Team Blake


It’s no surprise that the Voice’s resident country queen stayed true to her sound during her final performances on the show.

During Monday’s show, Baker took the stage with her coach, Blake Shelton, for a fun duet of Tanya Tucker’s “Tell Me About It” and a solo rendition of Kacey Musgraves‘ “Merry Go Round.”

“I didn’t expect to make it to the final four, so, for me, tonight was just really about having fun and getting to showcase what kind of artist I would be outside of the show,” she says.

She also performed an original song, “Old Soul” that was a perfect fit for her voice.

“I wrote a lot before I quit music, which is really sad, but now I have songs that I’m waiting to write based on this experience that I’ve gotten and, hopefully, Blake is a part of that,” she says about what she plans to do with her music in the future. “The kind of record I would make and the direction I want to go, I’m really just waiting for the opportunity.”

Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty

And growing up gospel and eventually finding her native Texan country roots, Shelton says, “Spensha’s story is pretty incredible in its own.”

“She came onto this show with a direction, musically – country music – and she’s stuck to that path, and she’s the real deal,” says Shelton. “The fact that she was my save in the playoffs for the finale, she was the first name that was called out – and I know that’s not in any particular order, Carson [Daly] always says that – but it was crazy to know she was the first name called to go in that finale. To think of all the hard work she’s put into it, she deserves it.”

Brynn Cartelli — Team Kelly


As the youngest contestant on the show’s history, Cartelli’s powerful voice sure flaunts her old soul.

“I know she just turned 15 like a few weeks ago, but what’s kind of cool for me is we have a daughter that’s 16 about to be 17 and she’s very much older than her actual age – she’s very smart, very witty, very just adult – and Brynn is very much like that,” her coach, Kelly Clarkson – who is Cartelli’s number one “cheerleader” – tells reporters. “She’s very much an old soul, so I think that’s one thing that she’s got going for her.”

Cartelli took the stage on Monday with Clarkson for a classic duet of Crowded House’s 1986 classic “Don’t Dream It’s Over.”

She also performed Adele‘s hit “Skyfall” and her oh-so-catchy original song, “Walk My Way.”


“My advice is to really make this first single such a solid first single for her that it would be that bridge to gap until the next project or her full album,” Clarkson adds about her advice to Cartelli. “The crazy thing about Brynn is even being in the studio with her and talking about videos or her project – her mind already works; she’s not just a great singer, she’s not just a singer-songwriter, she’s really intelligent, especially for her age.”

The Season 14 winner of The Voice will be announced Tuesday during a two-hour live finale at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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