Levine caused controversy after last week's elimination round when he campaigned for his contestant Reagan Strange over his other, DeAndre Nico

By Brianne Tracy
December 11, 2018 02:00 PM

A week after Voice coach Adam Levine stirred up controversy when he rallied for his 14-year-old contestant Reagan Strange over another of his contestants, DeAndre Nico, during the Top 10 elimination round held Dec. 4, there appears to be no bad blood.

After Monday night’s live semifinals show, Strange told reporters that she and Nico, 22, continue to be “super close” even after he was sent home.

“We get to talk all the time,” she said. “After the show Tuesday night, he came up to my room and we talked. He’s so nice and he was like, ‘Just go out there and kill it. Kill it for me and you.'”

During the Dec. 4 show, it was revealed that Strange and Nico were in the bottom three along with Team Blake Shelton’s Dave Fenley. Two of the three artists in the bottom were going to be eliminated, and the one to make it through would be determined by the Instant Save in which the contestants performed a song for America’s votes.

Reagan Strange
Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty

While Nico performed John Legend’sAll Of Me” for the Instant Save, Strange said she wouldn’t be able to perform her Instant Save song because she was too sick (and she even came out on stage dressed in a bathrobe). Despite this, Levine campaigned for Strange to stay in the competition over Nico.

“As much as I urge you to vote for this man, I have a hard time right now,” Levine, 39, told viewers. “I have a very special relationship with Reagan and I have two little girls at home and the thought of breaking her heart by not urging everyone to give this girl a shot to redeem herself would be too far beneath me.”

Levine — who shares daughters Dusty Rose, 2, and Gio Grace, 9 months, with wife Behati Prinsloo — then addressed Nico and said, “I want you to know I love you, I appreciate what you’ve done here tonight and, honestly, I think you should both be there, but I’ve got to fight for my girl. I’ve got to make sure I represent her properly in this moment because she didn’t get a chance to use her voice tonight, so I am going to use it for her as much as I possibly can.”

Though the vote between Strange and Nico appeared close, it was Strange who was ultimately voted through to the semifinals and Nico was sent home.

After being eliminated, Nico expressed his disappointment with Levine’s words in an interview with one of his hometown news stations from Port Arthur, Texas, 12NewsNow.

“It was just weird,” Nico said in the video interview posted on Dec. 5. “Not being rude, I just felt like he sold me out. And I just don’t respect it. I’m just being honest. We did our job, sick or not. I just got over laryngitis and when I came back, I still sang. It wasn’t none of that — anxiety or none of that stuff. I know she’s a little kid, but it’s like, ‘Man, you could have put some words in for me. Like something!'”

Reagan Strange, Adam Levine, DeAndre Nico
Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty

All appeared to be well by Monday, though, as Levine addressed the controversy during the video package that aired before Strange’s solo performance of Calum Scott’s, “You Are The Reason.”

“DeAndre’s my boy,” Levine said in the clip shot during rehearsals. “I love him. We talked. It’s all good.”

Strange was then shown video-chatting with Nico before her performance, and he wished her well.

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Despite the controversy Levine caused during last week’s show, Strange said “he’s always been a great coach.”

“We’re just really close and we’re great friends,” she said. “Ever since the blind [auditions], he’s always had faith in me and trusted me that I could continue on the show. I think that’s what he meant by that.”

“He does have two young daughters and in the beginning when me and Emily [Hough] had our battle, he was saying that we reminded him of his daughters and how he wanted them to grow up to be like us one day,” she continued. “I think he sees me like that.”

Reagan Strange
Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty

Regardless of the outcome of Tuesday’s eliminations, which will determine the top 4 who are going through to the finals next week, Strange said it’s a “blessing” that she has even made it this far.

“Just being here right now and even making it to the live shows is just incredible,” she said. “To make it to the finale would just be the biggest dream come true ever. I really hope to be there but even if I don’t, I feel like I’ve already gotten to accomplish so much on this show and meet so many incredible and talented people. I’m just really happy that I’m even here right now.”

Season 15 of The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.