The Voice's season 14 winner Brynn Cartelli plans to use her $100,000 cash prize to further her music career

Brynn Cartelli is a winner in a multitude of ways!

On Tuesday night, the 15-year-old Massachusetts native was crowned the winner of season 14 of NBC’s hit reality singing competition The Voice, where she also received a Universal Music Group record deal along with a $100,000 cash prize.

And while some would use the money to pay off bills or treat themselves to something nice, Cartelli says she plans to put the bulk of it towards her career.

“I definitely want to use it for music purposes,” Cartelli — the youngest winner in the series’ history — tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I need an electric keyboard because when I play shows, mine is always broken. I need a few things for my career.”

Brynn Cartelli wins season 14 of NBC’s The Voice
| Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC

The wardrobe team behind the show also gave her a little send-off gift, which will help the teen continue looking and feeling her best.

“They told me to choose [and bring home] anything I want, and I was like, ‘This is the greatest Christmas ever!'” says Cartelli.

“I have this ginormous suitcase and then they’re going to ship more to me! I’m so excited,” she continues.

Still on cloud-nine and unable to “soak in” the life-changing moment just yet, Cartelli says she’s a little “worried” about all the moving parts that come along with kick-starting her career on such a public platform.

However, she’s also anticipating “the part where I’m creating music and making an album.”

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“I want to start recording and writing as soon as I can and get music that I love out as soon as possible,” she says about her new record deal. “I’m already sending some ideas to Kelly [Clarkson] about what I want to do and how I want my music to sound.”

And although the show has concluded, Clarkson — who also got her start on a television show as the season 1 winner of American Idol is sticking by her side while she continues on her journey.

The Voice - Season 14
Brynn Cartelli poses with coach Kelly Clarkson during The Voice‘s season 14 finale.
| Credit: Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty

“[Kelly has] been really clear about wanting to continue this support and relationship of just helping me out with everything,” says Cartelli, whose win also marks the first victory for first-time coach Clarkson. “She’s been so, so, so amazing and just so selfless, and I’m so grateful to have her as my mentor to start my career.”

“It’s really nerve-racking to think of what will happen, but I have a really great support system, luckily, and a really great family, and [Kelly’s] family and team is amazing and she has a lot of great connections for me already that I can’t wait to meet,” she continues. “The weight of being in between who I was on The Voice and who I’m going to be as an artist in my own skin is really annoying — I just want to get it going right now!”