Tyga's Debtors Examination Cut Short as Rapper 'Wasn't Well Enough to Proceed'

The rapper and Jenner are due back in court on Nov. 1

Photo: Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

Tyga participated in his debtors examination on Tuesday in Santa Monica, California as part of celebrity jeweler Jason Arasheben’s lawsuit against the rapper. However, the 26-year-old hitmaker’s questioning was cut short due to illness.

“[Tyga] wasn’t well enough to proceed about two hours into the examination,” Arasheben’s lawyer Danny Abir of Abir, Cohen, Treyzon and Salo tells PEOPLE. “Considering there are a number of documents we had asked for him to produce that he had not brought with him and the fact that we still have a lot more questions to ask, we have agreed for him to return with the documents on Nov. 1 for the remainder of the examination.”

Tyga was originally set to complete his debtors examination by Oct. 6 but the date was extended to accommodate his lawyer Shawn Holley’s schedule. The judge agreed to hold the body attachment until Nov. 1 when the exams are scheduled to be completed. The warrants will not be issued unless Tyga and girlfriend Kylie Jenner fail to appear while the case remains unresolved.

With interest, the money Arasheben – who first filed the suit in 2013 – contends Tyga owes comes to over $280,000 for unpaid jewelry.

Abir previously told PEOPLE that Tyga would be asked “questions related to his finances, such as to his source of income to support his lifestyle as well as to pay for the extravagant gifts he buys” for Jenner.

“He answered questions to the best of his ability – there were some things he couldn’t remember, but we did not feel he was being evasive. After a couple of hours he felt unwell,” Arasheben’s lawyer Boris Treyzon of Abir, Cohen, Treyzon and Salo tells PEOPLE.

While Tyga is due back in court, Jenner, 19, has yet to be questioned under oath. “There may not be a need to speak to Kylie depending on the answers we receive from Tyga, but we have not asked those questions yet,” Abir explains.

In addition, Treyzon describes the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star as a “third party witness as she is in receipt of items that used to belong to Tyga.”

Throughout their on again-off again two-year romance, Jenner has received a $320,000 Ferrari for her 18th birthday, a $189,000 Maybach for her 19th birthday and recently a giant diamond promise ring from Tyga.

The couple recently hosted a lavish Ferrari-themed birthday party for Tyga’s 4-year-old son King over the weekend.

Abir also notes that neither Tyga nor Jenner “are in danger of arrest if they continue to cooperate. All we want to do is to get our client paid what he is owed.”

Tyga’s attorney Shawn Holley has not commented.

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