Toto's Steve Lukather and Journey's Jonathan Cain's Children Trevor and Madison Wed in L.A.

The couple tied the knot in a romantic black tie wedding in Laurel Canyon after four years of dating

Trevor Lukather Madison Cain Wedding
Jonathan Cain, Madison Cain, Trevor Lukather, Steve Lukather. Photo: Photos by @KellyBalch & @MichelleSobelphotography for @kellybalchimages

Trevor Lukather, the son of Toto guitarist Steve Lukather, and Madison Cain, daughter of Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain, are united in '80s rock royalty matrimony!

The happy couple tied the knot in a romantic ceremony on Saturday at The Houdini Mansion in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles after four years of dating.

"It's the kind of love that I dreamed about as a little girl, and words can't describe the gratitude I feel to have found him and to be his wife," Madison, a singer, model and real estate agent, tells PEOPLE.

The pair exchanged vows they wrote themselves in a ceremony officiated by family friend Dave Stroud, and celebrated with 190 guests in a romantic black tie-themed fête.

"I used to feel marriage was out of the cards for me. My parents divorced when I was 3, so I don't have any memories of them being together," Trevor, a singer-songwriter and producer, says. "[But] when you know, you know. Madison has made me the best version of myself. She is my rock in life."

Trevor Lukather Madison Cain Wedding
Madison Cain and Trevor Lukather. Photos by @KellyBalch & @MichelleSobelphotography for @kellybalchimages

Trevor, 35, said "I do" in a custom silk suit by Josh Kercher, while Madison, 29, walked down the aisle in an Estée Couture gown she bought at Panache Bridal in Pasadena, California.

"It's chic, timeless, sophisticated glamour and I just feel so comfortable and beautiful in it," she says. "I cried as soon as I put it on and knew this was the dress."

The bride wore the same necklace her mother wore on her own wedding day, and mom — who served as the couple's wedding planner with Elizabeth Fullerton Cain Designs — also designed Madison's wedding bands. Madison's engagement ring and Trevor's wedding ring, necklace and cufflinks were designed by Layna Friedman. Tomi Illic perfected Trevor's hair for the big day, while Ian Maxion took care of Madison's makeup.

For their first dance, the couple hit the floor to "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel, inspired by Madison's childhood love for the movie Say Anything.

Trevor Lukather Madison Cain Wedding
Madison Cain and Trevor Lukather. Photos by @KellyBalch & @MichelleSobelphotography for @kellybalchimages

"I remember watching 'Say Anything' as a little girl with John Cusack holding the boombox, and I thought, 'I hope someday I'll find a man that would want to do that for me,'" she says. "So, to have our first dance as husband and wife to that song is pretty surreal."

Music has long been in the blood of both the bride and groom, whose fathers have been friendly since the 1970s thanks to their work in Toto and Journey (Steve also played on Jonathan's first solo record).

"As a father you have hopes and dreams for your kids. The top of that list is hoping your son or daughter finds the perfect partner to share life with," Steve Lukather, 65, tells PEOPLE. "Madison has far surpassed what I dreamt for my son Trev. She is not only so beautiful on the outside, she is even more beautiful on the inside. I adore her and welcome her and her family to ours. This is a very exciting day for both sides of our now extended family."

Trevor Lukather Madison Cain Wedding
Trevor Lukather and Steve Lukather. Photos by @KellyBalch & @MichelleSobelphotography for @kellybalchimages

Jonathan Cain, 72, meanwhile, says his daughter and her new husband "truly complement and complete each other in every way."

"In a world where it seems young couples hesitate to make a commitment to each other, I am pleased as a father [that] my daughter Madison and Trev have decided to share vows and secure a covenant of love to each other in marriage," he adds. "May their example lead others the same way."

Trevor, whose new single "You Wish" is out on Friday, and Madison's paths first connected thanks to social media. Though they had mutual friends, it wasn't until Madison spotted Trevor on her Instagram Explore page that she was intrigued enough to reach out, sending him a DM inviting him and his dad Steve to see Jonathan perform in L.A.

Trevor Lukather Madison Cain Wedding
Jonathan Cain and Madison Cain. Photos by @KellyBalch & @MichelleSobelphotography for @kellybalchimages

"I saw her picture, and I was like one of those cartoon characters with the heart eyes and tongue rolling the length of the table," Trevor recalls. "I sent her a voice memo… [and] I can happily say the voice note worked. She invited me to the Journey show here in L.A. and the rest is history."

Recalls Madison: "I'll never forget being with my sister at my mom's house and my sister hearing the voice memo and saying to me, 'Ooh, he likes you!' There was just something about his voice and his smile that made me feel like I needed to meet this guy."

Trevor was immediately struck by Cain's "warm energy," and they had an immediate connection that made it feel as though they'd known one another "for many lifetimes."

Trevor Lukather Madison Cain Wedding
Trevor Lukather and Madison Cain. Photos by @KellyBalch & @MichelleSobelphotography for @kellybalchimages

"The very first moment I met him, and the first day we spent together, there was a profound magnetic pull to him, unlike anything I had ever felt before," adds Madison. "I had never felt so adored in the way he made me feel like I was the only person in the room."

Trevor proposed in October 2020 in front of close friends and family, though the couple chose to wait a beat in order to ensure that their guest felt comfortable amid the pandemic.

"I told her, 'What's two years compared to a lifetime together?'" Trevor recalls. "It worked perfectly, because I feel like it takes two years to properly plan a wedding anyway."

Trevor Lukather Madison Cain Wedding
Madison Cain. Photos by @KellyBalch & @MichelleSobelphotography for @kellybalchimages

With help from wedding coordinator Jessica Smith-Rolph from 3 Little Birds Event Planning, their big day — which included garden roses from Terri Yang at Love Note Events — went off without a hitch. They also splashed their specially designed logo on the dance floor, thanks to their wedding runner designer Jade Renn, with The Original Runner Company.

Trevor and Madison jetted off to St. Lucia for their honeymoon after the wedding, and are now looking forward to their next chapter.

"Trev is my best friend, soulmate and love of my life," says Madison. "The unconditional love he's shown me every day has profoundly helped me grow into the woman I always wanted to be, cherishing me for all that I am in my most authentic self."

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