"We're just enjoying being together," she tells PEOPLE of spending lockdown with her husband of two years André Murillo
tori kelly
Tori Kelly
| Credit: Angela Köhler

Tori Kelly's time in lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic has been fruitful in her marriage with André Murillo.

Chatting to PEOPLE about her new album A Tori Kelly Christmas, the singer opens up about life in quarantine with her husband of two years and their future together. (Kids will come, just not yet, she says.)

"Quarantine has been really okay. It's kind of hard to say it's been great," the 27-year-old tells PEOPLE. "Having the studio in my house has really kept me busy the whole time, just down there recording. André's been great. He would even bring me food sometimes because I would forget to eat — he'd bring me coffee."

"We were long-distance for most of our dating relationship so to basically be forced to be in the same place together for a long period of time, we couldn't really complain because we're so used to being apart," she adds. "Maybe this is our way of making up for lost time."

On Thanksgiving, Murillo shared a photo alongside Kelly and their dogs Frodo and Dobby, with the caption "Happy Thanksgiving from our little fam to yours."

The two have shared adorable photos of their pups — who each have their own Instagram — over the last few months. Kelly says the dogs have kept them busy and they're "not in any rush" to have kids of their own any time soon.

"We've talked about kids, of course. And it's something that would be, I think so special at some point, whenever we decide," she says. "But we're not in any rush. I think we're just enjoying being together as a couple and we have our two little dog babies. So that's keeping us busy for now."

Along with their doggos, Kelly says she's spent her time playing video games during the quarantine — specifically, Animal Crossing.

"I was literally just recording and playing video games," she says with a giggle. "I felt like that was all I did."

Kelly also says that 2020 and time in quarantine has helped bring her and her loved ones closer together.

tori kelly
Tori Kelly
| Credit: Angela Köhler

"We can't complain," she says of her marriage. "We're not perfect and I'd be lying if I said everything was always great and roses and butterflies, but we just work through it."

"The beauty of marriage is that you're just committed to that person," she adds. "So during quarantine, we definitely learned a lot about each other and are continuing to grow together."

2020 has also allowed her to "see who your real friends are."

"We have to be really careful with seeing people and trying to be safe — even just noticing who I was FaceTiming," she says. "I had a little group of friends where we would FaceTime and play Animal Crossing together. Things like that really did get me through."

"We all just got way closer and I think my relationships have gotten stronger during this time. That's something that really gave me hope and something to hold on to in the midst of such a crazy time," she adds. "Just to hold on to those people that I love and those people around me."

This year's holiday season is extra special for the singer-songwriter, who dropped her holiday album A Tori Kelly Christmas on Oct. 30.

"It's something I've always wanted to do," she says of the album. "And this year just seemed like this would be the year to do it — to bring hopefully some hope and some light to people during such a crazy year."