Tones and I's 2019 mega-hit "Dance Monkey" charted for 51 weeks — and now she's back with a new "beautiful" song

By Darlene Aderoju
November 13, 2020 12:00 AM

Tones and I is taking flight musically once again with her latest track "Fly Away."

The all-new tune, accompanied with an inspirational music video, dropped Friday at midnight and it has a meaningful message. Plus, a special guest star is pictured on the cover art.

Tones and I, née Toni Elizabeth Watson, 20, featured her grandpa in the photo. "He's my pa and I wanted to have something cool for us to do together that I can look back on," she tells PEOPLE. "He's also a boss. It's a beautiful song and I knew he would particularly like this one, so I thought it was the right choice."

"I think there is something so inspiring about seeing someone at the start and end of their lives together," she adds. "The stories of what truly made someone happy versus what young people think will make them happy is really eye-opening."

Tones and I with her grandpa for "Fly Away" cover art
| Credit: courtesy Tones and I

The Billboard chart-topper wrote the bop solo while quarantining in Melbourne, Australia amid the coronavirus pandemic. She co-produced it with Dann Hume.

"I had a dream / That someday / I would just fly, fly away," she powerfully begins singing. "And I always knew / I couldn't stay / So, I had a dream that I'd just fly away / I've been on my own for a minute / Is it only me out there? / Searching for the place to begin it / Is it me? / Is it you? / Is it fear? / Standing on the line I was given."

"No one seems to think that I fit in, but I don't want to be like them," she continues in the moving track. Throughout the music video, people of all ages and backgrounds are seen enjoying some of life's sweetest moments.

Tones and I
| Credit: courtesy Tones and I

“‘Fly Away’ is about chasing your dreams, reaching your goals and the realities that come with it," Tones and I said in a statement. "Being a busker, I obviously had bigger dreams. However, this song is inspired by the way I thought I would feel versus the way I actually feel. I think that’s very powerful, at least to me. It’s about genuine happiness and what we think we need to have happiness versus what we actually want. The truth is, we only ever want anything because we think it will make us happy, but it’s never that simple."

While Tones and I's 2019 mega-hit song "Dance Monkey" sat on Billboard charts for 51 weeks, the star opened up to PEOPLE about how she never could have imagined such success.

"I didn't even think my music was good enough to get on the radio in Australia," she told PEOPLE in December. "I just thought maybe [national Australian radio station] triple j would play my songs, maybe once or twice, and that was pretty much all I expected. I didn't actually understand what was going to happen.”

"I really wasn't expecting much when I released 'Dance Monkey,'" she said. "But I really liked it. Writing that song has given me a platform. A huge, way bigger platform than I would've had otherwise. There have been shows overseas and people are listening to my EP and it's more so than they would have, or even known who I am, before the song."