Tommy Lee proposed to girlfriend Brittany Furlan on Valentine's Day with a heart-shaped engagement ring


Tommy Lee just kickstarted his heart!

The Mötley Crüe legend celebrated a Valentine’s Day he’ll never forget on Wednesday when he proposed to social media star Brittany Furlan.

“Well this certainly beats chocolates!” Lee, 55, captioned a photo of Furlan’s heart-shaped engagement ring. “Say hello to future Mrs. Lee 🙈💕 #engaged💍.”

Furlan, 31, also shared the happy news via Twitter, posting a pic of the two holding hands — with the sparkler front and center. “Best day of my life!!!! I can’t wait to get to spend forever with my best friend,” she wrote.

Lee and Furlan first sparked dating rumors last summer when they were seen getting cozy in Calabasas, California. Though the pair initially stayed tight-lipped during interviews, their social media accounts did all the talking, showing their mutual love for one another.

Here are five things to know about Furlan.

1. She was amongst the highest paid Vine stars in the world.

Before Vine’s shutdown in January 2017, Furlan’s comedic talent once made her the video-sharing app’s third most popular personality with over nine million followers. Furlan’s hilarious sketches targeting her massive audience made her anywhere from $7,000 and $20,000 per post depending on the brand. Now, Furlan has taken her talents to Twitter (385K followers), Instagram (2.3 million followers) and YouTube (334K subscribers), with Lee appearing in many skits — and even doing a little vlogging himself on his own page!

In 2014, Furlan won a Streamy Award for Best Viner of the Year, and later was named one of the most influential people on the internet in 2015 by Time.

2. Her pooches were once the faces of American Eagle Outfitters’ doggy clothing line.

In 2014, American Beagle Outfitters enlisted Furlan’s dogs Meghan, a long-haired Dachshund, and Wicket, a Yorkie, to model their Spring 2014 collection. Since Meghan died, Furlan gave Wicket a new friend — another long-haired Dachshund named Neena Da Weena. Both Wicket and Neena Da Weena often make appearances in Furlan’s Instagram skits and both have a social media following larger than most humans (143K combined!).

Like their mother, they have many talents. Their vocabulary consists of: “treat,” “outside,” “hungry,” “go for a ride,” “where’s mommy,””go get your baby,” “sit,” “lay down,” “roll over,” “speak,” “come,” “bathy,” “kissy,” “sleep with mommy,” “up,” and “where’s daddy.”

4. Cell phone screen aside, Fulan has also appeared on the big screen.

Born on Sept. 5, 1986, in Philadelphia, Furlan made her move to Los Angeles to pursue acting before becoming a star on Vine. Since Furlan deleted her profile in Nov. 2015, she has starred in We Are Your Friends (2015), Dreamland (2016) and Random Tropical Paradise (2017), and currently has several other films and shorts in pre-and-post-production.

4. She’s a real-life mermaid — for charity purposes.

Aside from basking in the California sun and spending most of her (sunny) days at the beach, Furlan has dedicated her time to Project Mermaids, a charity that works to save oceans from pollution and human environmental impact.

5. She’s also a music video star thanks to Mr. Worldwide.

Hubby-to-be Tommy Lee isn’t the only one in their household to grace the screens of MTV. Furlan made a cameo on Pitbull‘s 2014 music video for “Fireball” alongside fellow internet stars Jenna Marbles and Bart Baker.