Todrick Hall on the Best Advice He's Received from Beyoncé & Spending NYE with BFF Taylor Swift

Hall reveals the social media advice Beyoncé taught him and celebrating the new year with his BFF Taylor Swift

When Beyoncé gives you advice, you take it!

And that’s exactly what rapper and Broadway performer Todrick Hall did when he got to work with Queen Bey while choreographing the music video for her song “Blow” off her 2014 Beyoncé album.

“She basically told me, ‘Don’t scroll down. Think about everything that you post before you post it but once you post it, don’t apologize for the things that you’ve done,’ and I think that’s really important,” Hall, 32, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “Before, I was very impulsive. If I was upset or emotional I would post something and now I’m not that type of person anymore because Beyoncé taught me not to be.”

Hall’s newest venture is a musical collaboration with Cheetos, U.S. Curling and former pro football players Vernon Davis and LaDainian Tomlinson called “Teach Me How to Curl.” The catchy song and accompanying dance move are designed to drum up support and awareness of the lesser-known sport and U.S. team for the upcoming Winter Olympics in PyeongChang next month.

“It really felt like an organic collaboration,” Hall explained of his decision to work on the project. “And I also just happen to love Cheetos … Sometimes as a performer you get those perfect collaborations and I think this was one of those.”

Courtesy of Cheetos

The musician and choreographer also opened up about his close relationship with superstar Taylor Swift, whom he rang in the new year with.

“I spent New Year’s with her,” Hall revealed. “I was there for New Year’s Eve, I was opening the Rose Bowl Parade and so I was there, I stayed until midnight and then I went to a 2 a.m. call time.”

Courtesy of Cheetos

While ringing in 2018 with the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer, Hall warned Swift about his impending super-fandom during her upcoming Reputation world tour. “I’ve already told her that she’s probably going to have to put a like, ‘Do not let this crazy man enter the arena’-type sign outside of the theater because I’m going to go to probably 20 of the concerts,” Hall joked.

Todrick Hall
Source: Todrick Hall/Instagram

Hall continued to gush over the pop star and revealed how Swift helps inspire him through tough times. “She’s a smart businesswoman, but she’s also a great human. The way she treats all of her staff members, her employees, her friends … On days when I don’t feel like doing the stage door I’m like, ‘What would Taylor do?'”

In addition to his new collaboration with Cheetos, Hall recently released a documentary titled Behind the Curtain, currently stars in Chicago on Broadway and boasts nearly three million YouTube subscribers — and he is showing no signs of slowing down. He’s in the process of writing his next album, which he will tour around the world starting March 28.

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“I think that the music is the best music I’ve written,” says Hall. “And I now know that I don’t need a record label or some huge manager to help me have a chart-topping record. I can do it on my own. I’m holding nothing back.”

The “Teach Me How to Curl” music video is now available to watch on Hall’s and Cheetos‘ social channels.

• The 2018 Winter Olympics will air live starting Feb. 8. To learn more, visit

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