Could Fresh Beyoncé Music Be on the Way? Mom Tina Knowles-Lawson Hints Singer Has a 'New Project'

"I just lent some of my art pieces to Beyoncé for her new project that she's doing," she revealed

RING THE ALARM! Could new music from Beyoncé be on the way? According to her mother, Tina Knowles-Lawson, the answer is yes.

Speaking to the WSJ. Magazine, Knowles-Lawson discussed an array of topics but one answer she gave immediately sent the Beyhive abuzz.

When asked about her art collection and the importance of surrounding herself with art, Knowles-Lawson shared that her art pieces are like her “children,” before adding, “I just lent some of my art pieces to Beyoncé for her new project that she’s doing.”

Though she didn’t reveal any further details, fans can’t help but speculate that new music from Queen Bey is on the way.

Beyoncé, who hasn’t released a solo album with new material since 2016’s Lemonade, tends to keep her projects under wraps and many are surprised that her mother would reveal such information.

One fan even joked online that Knowles-Lawson would be “un-mothered” for discussing her super secretive daughter’s upcoming project.

Beyoncé’s self-titled and Lemonade albums were both surprise drops that came with visual components so fans are also speculating that this new project will follow suit and feature her mother’s artwork.

In the WSJ interview, Knowles-Lawson also discussed how she keeps up with such a busy family — her daughters Beyoncé and Solange and her husband, Richard Lawson — sharing, “We group text all the time, and that’s how I keep up, because I have girls who are super busy on different parts of the continent. And a lot of times I find out what they’re doing by looking at Instagram.”

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Knowles-Lawson also revealed a piece of advice she has received that has guided her.

“To really strive to be as beautiful on the inside as you worry about being on the outside,” she shared. “I think that’s been the biggest life lesson for me. My mom said it all the time. I didn’t get it when I was young, but I absolutely get it now.”

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