Precious Harris died on Feb. 22 after being in the intensive care unit for a week following a car accident on Feb. 13
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Rapper T.I.‘s older sister Precious Harris suffered a medical emergency ahead of the car accident in Atlanta that killed her earlier this month.

Harris was driving T.I.’s 2013 Dodge Avenger with her granddaughter Kairi Chapman in the passenger seat on Feb. 12 when she suffered an asthma attack, according to an Atlanta Police Department traffic accident report obtained by PEOPLE.

Her condition became so severe that it caused her to go unconscious and drive the vehicle into a telephone pole, T.I.’s grandniece told police in the report.

When first responders arrived, Harris was unconscious but still breathing. She eventually began foaming at the mouth, which prompted emergency personnel to perform CPR before transporting her to a nearby hospital. Harris remained in the Intensive Care Unit but died Feb. 22. She was 66.

Chapman, meanwhile, complained of chest pain and was treated by EMS, but was later released to her father, the report said.

Chapman was fortunate to not sustain any major injuries as, according to the report, the vehicle suffered damage to the front bumper, front hood, and front windshield, while both the front driver’s side and front passenger side airbags went off in the fatal collision.

After his older sister passed away, T.I. wrote several touching tributes on Instagram.

On Feb. 23, the rapper shared a photo of Harris with a sweet note over her face. “While we are saddened that our beloved Precious is no longer with us, she will forever have a special place in our hearts and our family,” he wrote.

“I was such a lucky man because you were my sister. You were there every step of the way… always helping me become my best self. I/We could not have done it without you. Forever grateful,” T.I. added, signing the note “Your Baby Brother”.

In the caption of the photo, the rapper added to his sentimental message. “while We’re ALL Happy to see you get your well deserved wings of eternal peace… free from pain, worries, & anguish… But Still WE ALL REALLY HATE TO SEE YOU GO!!! 💔”

“Now we owe you to NOT be selfishly consumed by our pain,but to be HAPPY for you claim your peaceful place in paradise. You earned it sis,” he wrote. “We’ll be miserable for a while for missing your physical presence, but your lessons of love,words of wisdom & historical memories WILL NEVER DIE!!! …Y’all save us a spot… until then… farewell Big Sis😢”

Harris is survived by three children: Kayama Chapman, Avis Chapman-Reese and Kareem “Plug” Chapman.

In addition to T.I., Harris’ daughter Kamaya also wrote on Instagram that she was “heartbroken.”

“From my bestfriend on earth to My beautiful angel in heaven,” she wrote alongside a shot of her mother smiling by the beach. “Mama girl you know ima miss you💔…. I love you so much. I’m so heartbroken but the way you looked so @ peace this past week has confirmed that you are resting… no more asthma attacks… damn but baby I am going to miss you 😓”

Kareem went on to memorialize his mother in his own touching tribute.

“I got to spend 38 amazing years with this Angel but today my Mom made her transition to be with the Lord. Cherish your time yall as my mom @preciousharris1913 did! She danced, she loved and most importantly she LIVED. Im gone miss the s— out of this woman! Pray for our family, myself” he wrote.

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Harris has been featured in two reality shows that follow T.I. and his wife’s life: VH1’s T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle and T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle.

TMZ previously reported that T.I. and Tiny shut down production of their reality show Friends & Family Hustle following Precious’ car accident.