"WE PITY YOU cause you didn't get to spend your whole life soaking up game from (her) like we did," T.I. wrote on Instagram
Credit: TI/Instagram

Rapper T.I. is mourning the loss of his older sister by remembering some of the funnier moments they shared.

Precious Harris died at age 66 on Friday, more than a week after she was involved in a serious car accident in Atlanta, according to TMZ.

T.I., who had been pulling for his sister to make it through on social media, addressed her death in an emotional Instagram post on Friday.

“We ALL Love You, Miss you, & Appreciate you for your love, service & lifetime dedication to US!!!” wrote T.I. (born Clifford Joseph Harris Jr.), 38. “And while We’re ALL Happy to see you get your well deserved wings of eternal peace… free from pain, worries, & anguish… But Still WE ALL REALLY HATE TO SEE YOU GO!!!… We’ll be miserable for a while for missing your physical presence, but your lessons of love, words of wisdom & historical memories WILL NEVER DIE!!!”

The message was accompanied by a close-up photo of Harris with a statement written on top.

“While we are saddened that our beloved Precious is no longer with us, she will forever have a special place in our hearts and our family,” the statement read. “I was such a lucky man because you were my sister. You were there every step of the way…always helping me become my best self. I/we could not have done it without you. Forever grateful. Your baby brother, TIP.”

T.I. followed the post with a pair of videos that featured Harris putting her own spin on various songs, including “Mask Off” by Future and “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted” by the late Tupac Shakur.

“Big Sis was da s—t fareal tho,” T.I. wrote on the video of Harris rapping “Mask Off.” “But Don’t Pity us…WE PITY YOU cause you didn’t get to spend your whole life soaking up game from this No Nonsense Straight Shooting social butterfly of a HILARIOUS wizard-woman of wisdom, Human Almanac of useful information, Golden Era Expert, Raiser of Real 1s like we did!!!!… Only thing she couldn’t EVER DO is get the lyrics to the song right… EVEN MINES.”

The rapper also joked that Harris was the “Creater (sic) of the Dab,” as she performed the dance move while singing along to Tupac.

T.I. (né Clifford Joseph Harris Jr.) even shared a video of himself singing along to the Bee Gees’ “More Than a Woman,” as he promised to celebrate his sister’s life instead of dwell on his sadness.

“Still Loving you from this life to the next sis…,” he wrote. “We’re all better in some way because of your life. Now it’s on to bigger and better things for you. We’ll be just fine…Because of YOU! You’re Truly More than a woman to me sis. Love you. #IaintWitTheSadS–t #CelebrateLife”

An additional photo posted to Instagram featured Harris with their “pops,” while another featured an inspirational quote.

“Pops and Precious…Finally reunited,” he captioned the post.

That was followed by a block of text post reading, “Never waste a moment, it may be the last with someone you love.”

T.I. even shared a photo of his family posing in front of a large photo of Harris, with the caption, “Bout da size of it… Attached Eternally.”

Sources told TMZ that Harris vehicle hit a pole, which triggered an asthma attack. Afterwards, she was reportedly taken to the hospital, where she was placed in the intensive care unit.

She is survived by three children: Kayama Chapman, Avis Chapman-Reese and Kareem “Plug” Chapman.