"It was a complete shock to me that I even sang this song," the 16-year-old said after the live show

By Brianne Tracy
December 05, 2017 02:55 PM

The Voice’s Addison Agen is feeling “lucky.”

The 16-year-old Indiana native, known for her uniquely soulful voice, closed out Monday night’s Top 10 performances with a stripped down version of “Lucky” by Britney Spears wearing just a white t-shirt and jeans on a bare stage. Though Agen said she related deeply to the song, she admitted that she had never been a big fan of the pop superstar prior to the performance.

“It was a complete shock to me that I even sang this song,” Agen told reporters after the live show. “It wasn’t expected at all. I don’t know many of her songs, it’s not normally the stuff that I go listen to. I found a cover online that was just an acoustic cover of it, and it’s as simple as that.”

She continued: “If you think about the lyrics, it’s about this girl growing up to be a huge star, and there’s all this production behind the scenes that nobody knows about and they think you just wake up perfect. Being on this show, I’ve realized it’s a lot of work to get here.”

Chris Haston/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Agen’s performance was met with praise by her coach Adam Levine, who called her “the best artist in this competition” and said she is “one of the best singers I know.” Her former coach, Miley Cyrus, said “I have always felt you are a star.”

After her rendition of Joni Mitchell’s “A Case of You” last week, Levine predicted that Agen would go on to win the competition.

The night was full of girl power as Team Miley’s Brooke Simpson brought down the house with her chilling performance of “Amazing Grace” and Team Blake Shelton’s Chloe Kohanski once again rocked it out on stage with Blondie’s “Call Me.” Keisha Renee, Team Blake’s “country pop soul” singer, blew everyone away with her cover of Celine Dion’s “All By Myself.”

Following Renee’s tearful performance, Levine said, “I am so proud of you today for so many reasons. It was brought to my attention that some hateful comments were sent in your direction by hateful cowards. Tonight you were speaking directly to them.”

Renee explained what Levine meant after the show, saying, “I’m an African-American woman doing country music and so a lot of people that are still small-minded feel like I shouldn’t do country music because of the color of my skin.”

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