By Kristen Kelly
February 07, 2018 10:45 PM

The Voice semi-finalist Amy Vachal turned three chairs on Season 9 of the hit show before embarking on the production of her latest album, Strawberry Moon, which released late last week.

“I will always feel so very lucky and grateful to have ever been on that show,” the 29-year-old Brooklyn native shares. “I have vivid flashbacks all the time that make me shake my head in the shower — moments like my blind audition or my first live show are still hard to unpack and accept as real.”

Vachal was on team Pharrell before being “stolen” by Adam Levine, who at the time memorably named her “the greatest singer in the show’s history.”

Version 5
Amy Vachal
| Credit: Marcella J. Jacobs

“When [Adam and I] started to workshop my cover of Drake‘s ‘Hotline Bling,’ I was having trouble nailing the rhythm of the lyrics,” she recalls. “He told me to spend a few days singing with Drake incessantly in my ears … to really get inside his head, try to understand how he wrote the song, until I could replicate his rhythm exactly, for myself.”

“Then he told me that when he was young he would get off the school bus with his Discman and he would walk around listening to old school hip-hop … singing along hundreds if not thousands of times until he could clone any rhythm of words, no matter how intricate. I got this vivid picture of a young Adam bopping his head, spitting rhymes on the sidewalk … shaping him into the songwriting genius he is today. I often go back to that story … really every time I walk through Brooklyn with a new tune.”

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Credit: Marcella J. Jacobs

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Vachal sent a hard copy of Strawberry Moon to Levine and others from the show.

“There’s a certain bond between us Voice cats that always feels like family,” she admits. “It’s grossly corny but true!”

Amy Vachal
| Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty

“Korin Bukowski remains one of my dear friends – she’s my lil sis! I just went to Hillsong NYC with her last Sunday. I hung out with fellow Brooklynite Brendan Fletcher (Season 11) at Rockwood Music Hall a few weeks ago. Jeffery Austin is always one sassy text away. And I sent Jordan my song “Golden Boy” when it came out — lit me up with the kindest review back!”

And while Vachal enjoys reminiscing on her Voice days, her eyes are fixed ahead as she focuses on her February residency at The Rockwood Music Hall in New York, saying, “I believe the best is yet to come.”