The Band of Heathens Pay Tribute to the Ultimate Power of Love in New Song 'All That Remains'

"'All That Remains' is the realization that the only thing that really matters in this world is love," says band member Gordy Quist

The Band of Heathens' Ed Jurdi has long loved The Beatles.

"I remember dancing around in the living room to their Magical Mystery Tour record on the turntable," Jurdi, 46, tells PEOPLE in a recent interview. "I would be sitting there with my parents and my dad would point out the sounds of the bass guitar and the vocals."

The Band of Heathens' Gordy Quist also holds memories of the legendary quartet tightly in his grasp these days.

"My first real musical memory was watching A Hard Day's Night with my dad," adds Quist, 42, to PEOPLE. "I remember as a kid watching the end scene where everybody's losing their minds. I remember just staring at the TV and just being totally floored by that."

"The Beatles are a return to home in a way," interjects Jurdi. "They're like the sun. If you play the kind of music we play, it's something you need to know about and be educated about, you know?"

And it's that influence that has long been heard in the spirit of the Austin-based, fiercely independent rock and roll group led by the dual lead vocalists and songwriters who started their career cutting their teeth on the wood paneling of bar room after bar room, only to find themselves today as one of the most highly successful independent groups out there.

Band of Heathens. ALYSSE GAFKJEN

However, just a few years back, that group was tired.

"Our life has been this adventure of rock and roll touring nonstop in a million different cities all the time," says Quist. "[The pandemic] was our first time really getting to really experience what to others might be mundane."

"The pandemic gave us this ability to be home and refocus on the family," adds Jurdi. "We could focus on these little things that we had missed since we had been kind of racing through our entire adult life thus far."

One of those 'little things' was the love of the family around them. And it's this love, in its purest form, that finds its way into The Band of Heathens' new song "All That Remains," a trippy yet romantic take on the somewhat complicated adoration that makes life so very beautiful.

"'All That Remains' is the realization that the only thing that really matters in this world is love," says Quist of the track premiering exclusively on PEOPLE and whose music video includes snapshots of love gone by. "That love is the eternal engine that brought us here and will be continuously spinning long after we're gone."

Centering on the ideals that got the sentimental rockers here in the first place is something that has certainly directed the recording of their new album Simple Things, which is set for release on March 17.

"Simple Things is a return to our influences and a return to our kind of uninhibited instincts," says Quist of their ninth studio album. "We weren't necessarily searching for crazy exotic sounds that we've never made before. Instead, this record was created by taking the time to write these songs that really go deep into the heart."

Indeed, the record also helped The Band of Heathens mentally recalibrate.

"I kind of felt as if we were revisiting our younger selves in the band again," Jurdi remarks. "Just finding that energy and that excitement again was something extraordinary. It would've been a different record certainly if that had not happened."

"I feel like I'm standing at the top of the hill," adds Quist quietly. "On one side, I can see my childhood and my parents, at a time when I had no idea of the sacrifices they were making. And then, on the other side of the mountain, I see my parents getting older now and see myself approaching that. It's the circle of life I guess."

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