Teyana Taylor Says Husband Iman 'Tried to Get Me Pregnant' the Night of 'Fade' Video Premiere

Teyana Taylor revealed to PEOPLE Now that her husband Iman Shumpert was a bit hesitant to shoot their infamous "Fade" shower scene, but really got into it!

Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert‘s passion for one another is anything but fading!

The actress-model-singer and her NBA star husband, both 27, famously shared an intimate shower kissing scene in Kanye West‘s unconventional “Fade” music video that steamed up the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards where it first premiered. Between that scene, her svelte body and killer dance moves, “Fade” caused searches for “Teyana Taylor” to flood the internet almost instantly.

The star recently sat down with PEOPLE Now to discuss her new eight-part VH1 reality series, Teyana & Iman,and to reveal what really went into her and her husband’s sexy music video moment.

“It was so cute because he was scared one of the times in the shower scene,” said Taylor. “He was like, ‘All these men are gonna be in here and I got my butt out,’ and I was like ‘Well, everybody’s professional and it’s a scene, so some people are gonna have to be in here, but for the most part everybody will be gone.”


But his uncertainty didn’t last for long. “Once we got to kissing I think he might have forgot the cameras [were on],” she joked.

The couple had no clue when or where the video would air, but they got the surprise of their life while watching the VMAs. “When the video came out it went so crazy. … My Twitter and my Instagram was going crazy and he was just so proud.”

In fact, Shumpert “loved” the video so much he wished to recreate it all over again — in the bedroom: “I think that night he actually tried to get me pregnant again,” she revealed.

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While it’s clear Taylor isn’t shy about getting candid about her sex life, she’s hoping she will be prepared for all the questions to come when it’s time to have the birds and the bees talk with daughter Junie, 2.

“I was a virgin until I was 22, so I still wanna be prepared,” she said. “If she ever comes to me and says, ‘Mom, I’m ready to have sex,’ I might pass out secretly, but I don’t want her to ever be afraid to tell me that’s what she’s ready to do.”

“All I could do is give her my advice — not that my advice should be the end-all-be-all — and just make sure that’s what she’s really ready for and that’s a step she really wants to take and then make sure it’s with a person that loves her unconditionally,” she continues. “Of course, as parents, you would like your kids to go as far as possible, but when it’s time you can’t run them away. I definitely don’t want to run her away.”

Teyana and Iman airs Mondays at 9/8c on VH1.

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