This is the musician's first public relationship since transitioning.
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Credit: Emily Hampshire/Instagram

Teddy Geiger has found love with Schitt’s Creek star Emily Hampshire!

The pair confirmed the news via Instagram on Aug. 30 when Hampshire posted a sweet photo of them together. “Just me & my girlfriend. 🎶❤️👯‍♀️🍓” Hampshire, 37, captioned the shot.

In the image, Geiger and the actress, best known for playing Stevie Buddgo on the Canadian sitcom, opt for a similar look by both sporting glasses.

Just a few days later, Geiger raved about Hampshire on Instagram.

“I love her so much and miss her so much,” the 29-year-old musician wrote alongside a close-up shot of Hampshire in her black-rim glasses. “And I need to kiss her and I want to go dancing because she is so cute when she dances and she is my dream and and and goodnight 😘”

Two weeks ago, Hampshire shared another post where the pair got silly in a photo booth, captioning the images “Photo booth-a #tuscany”

On Aug. 30, Geiger snapped another image and lovingly captioned it: “I am so happy this woman is alive… with the sound of music. She is a song I will sing for a thousand years. She fills my heart with the sound of music. My heart wants to sing every song it hears.”

The lyrical caption makes reference to the 1965 film The Sound of Music.

This is Geiger’s first public relationship since transitioning. The musician — who has written hits for Shawn Mendes and One Direction — was first discovered on VH1’s 2004 reality competition In Search of the Partridge Family.

Geiger later went on to tour with Hilary Duff and release the 2006 album Underage Thinking, which included the Top 40 single “For You I Will (Confidence).”

In Oct. 2017, the singer came out as transgender, revealing she had begun transitioning earlier that fall. After a fan inquired about why Geiger looked different recently, the singer-songwriter responded, “Okay… because u asked nicely… I am transitioning.”

Added Geiger: “I started talking about it with a couple of my close friends and family about a month ago and it’s given me the courage to start the process. I feel like the next step is to tell all y’all. So here goes. Love it or hate this is who i have been for a looooong time. I love u guys. Talk sooooon byeeee.”

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Since the announcement, Geiger has opened up about the struggle to embrace her identity from an early age. In July, she told the New York Times, “I can remember back to being 5 and looking in the mirror, feeling like a girl and wanting that. But growing up in Rochester, there were limited resources. I’d never met a trans person before.”

She has also been very candid with fans about beginning her hormone replacement therapy, as well as what pronouns and names she prefers to go by during and after her transition.

“A lot of u guys are asking. She/her pronouns are perfect,” she wrote. “And… yes I am still Teddy.”