Taylor Swift Announces That Her 'Red' Re-Recording Is Coming a 'Week Earlier Than Scheduled'

No more lying on the cold hard ground... Red (Taylor's Version) is closer than we thought

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift. Photo: Jordan Strauss/AP/Shutterstock

Perhaps the next month won't be so "Treacherous" thanks to this news.

On Thursday, Taylor Swift surprised fans by sharing that Red (Taylor's Version) will be released a week earlier than anticipated: on Nov. 12.

"Got some news that I think you're gonna like," Swift, 31, started her tweet. "My version of Red will be out a week earlier than scheduled (including the 4 disc vinyl) on November 12th !"

"Can't wait to celebrate the 13th with you and our new/old autumn heartbreak," she added.

Swift also updated her Twitter bio with the new release date, which already included lyrics from Red fan-favorite "22:" "Happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time. Nov. 12th, 2021."

The "State of Grace" songstress has been teasing fans and even hinting at the release of her album 1989 after she put "Wildest Dreams (Taylor's Version)" on streaming services earlier this month.

Regarding the release of Red, the songstress shared a video of scrambled letters floating out of a vault for her fans to decipher 30-song tracklist off of the re-released album. With it, she revealed that a 10-minute version of "All Too Well" is on the way, along with several star-studded collabs on songs "from the vault."

Phoebe Bridgers will join the songstress for "Nothing New," Chris Stapleton will appear on "I Bet You Think About Me," and Ed Sheeran — who was already featured on the album's "Everything Has Changed" — will also sing with Swift on "Run."

"I can't express my gratitude enough to these artists for helping me bring these songs to life. I can't wait til we can dust off our highest hopes and relive these memories together," Swift wrote. "We'll also be making a bunch of new ones too, since Red (Taylor's Version) includes so many songs you haven't heard yet."

"Til then, I'll be counting down and picturing it all in my head," she added. "In burning red."

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Other "from the vault" songs include "Better Man," "Babe," "Message in a Bottle," "Forever Winter" and "The Very First Night." Also on the album will be previously released song "Ronan," which was inspired by Ronan Thompson, a 4-year-old who died of cancer.

"Tears sprang to my eyes," Maya Thompson, Ronan's mom, said when she heard the news of the song's inclusion. "It took me an hour to absorb the words in front of me. I cried while sharing the news."

The singer's decision to re-record came after Scooter Braun bought Swift's former record label Big Machine — a move that saw him take control of the masters to her first six albums. (He sold the masters for $300 million to Shamrock Holdings in November.)

Swift said that while the private equity company reached out to her following their purchase, she declined to work with them since Braun's Ithaca Holdings would still profit off her old music for "many years."

Taylor Swift's re-recorded Red (Taylor's Version) is out Nov. 12.

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