Taylor Swift Surprises Nurse 'Serving on the Frontlines' with a Handwritten Note and 'Cozy' Gifts

"I am so inspired by your passion for helping and caring for your patients," Swift wrote in the handwritten note to fan Britta Thomason

Taylor Swift sends gifts to nurse
Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty; Courtesy Britta Thomason

It's not every day that you get a letter "sent with love and hugs from the desk of Taylor Swift."

This week, Britta Thomason — a flight nurse and self-proclaimed Swiftie — received a special package at her work: a handwritten note and a box of special merchandise straight from Taylor Swift.

Sharing photos of the note and a video of herself opening the box on Facebook, Thomason expressed her excitement as she opened a package from her favorite artist.

"Don't mind me...I'll be crying the rest of the day," Thomason wrote, saying she never expected to be a fan lucky enough to receive a gift like this one.

"I can't read it because I'm gonna cry," she said as she saw Swift's note as she trembled. "I'm dying! Oh my god. Look at all this stuff"!

Tucked inside the box filled with merchandise from sweaters and shirts to water bottles and guitar picks was a note written by Swift, 31, thanking the flight nurse for her service amid the ongoing pandemic.

"Dear Britta, I wanted to write to you and personally thank you for serving on the front lines of this pandemic and for being brave enough to put yourself in danger to help others," Swift wrote. "I am so inspired by yout passion for helping and caring for your patients and I was so touched that you mentioned liking my music recently!"

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"I've sent you some cozy clothes for when you're off duty," she added. "I'll be thinking about you, and forever grateful! Love, Taylor."

The act of kindness from the Evermore songstress came just days after the Peach County, Georgia native was interviewed by Georgia newspaper The Telegraph about her "true passion for helping people."

When asked about her favorite things to do after work, she noted, "I love Taylor Swift. I am a Swiftie. I won't deny it."

Swift has an affinity for sending her biggest fans notes to celebrate them. In August, she congratulated a Swiftie after they earned their PhD.

"I saw how supportive you've been of my music over the years and was so touched. Thank you so much," she wrote then. "I'm also so proud of you for the bravery you've shown in your personal life, choosing to live and love honestly even when it isn't easy."

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