Taylor Swift Surprises a Super Fan at Her House (with Boyfriend Joe Alwyn's Younger Brother!)

Taylor Swift took her biggest fan by surprise when she appeared at their home in the U.K.

Taylor Swift might just have pulled off one of her biggest surprises yet.

The “Look What You Made Me Do” singer, 27, took a U.K. fan named Lara by surprise when she joined her live stream, which was recorded by a friend, last week.

When Lara figured out who was now watching her, she freaked out, not knowing what else was to come.

“What. The. H—,” Lara said. “Oh my God. I love you so much! Oh my god.”

A friend in the background asked her, “Are you joking?”

Lara didn’t seem to hear her, continuing to express her gratitude to Swift, crying through tears to say: “I have to say thank you for everything, you’ve actually made my life so much better.”

Anthony Harvey/Getty

In a second post uploaded on Wednesday, Lara revealed that Swift had personally visited her, along with her boyfriend Joe Alwyn‘s younger brother Patrick.

“On Thursday last week Taylor Nation DM’d me,” she said. “They said Taylor would be sending me a package. I’m so grateful for Taylor Alison Swift.”

But of course she did far more than just send a gift. Swift personally delivered the package herself.

The singer gave her young fan T-shirts and sweatshirts from her Reputation line. Swift’s boyfriend lives in England, so she may be in town visiting Alwyn.

Lara might also enjoy Swift’s new lifestyle app, which she announced on Wednesday. “The Swift Life” is a mix of multiple social media platforms, with each post pertaining to news and updates about the singer.

According to TheVerge.com, the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer will also be releasing her own set of emojis, called “Taymojis,” which fans can use in-app.

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