May 25, 2018 04:30 PM

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift‘s friendship is based on mutual support rather than competition — and Gomez’s mom Mandy Teefey says that’s why they’ve stayed close.

“With Taylor, what you see is what you get … she’s always been there for Selena,” the 13 Reasons Why producer tells Entertainment Tonight. “It’s so hard to find someone who is the same audience and it’s so cutthroat right now. They came up together; they just have never parted, so it’s really a true friendship.”

Teefey continues, “What I love about that friendship is it’s so solid, and with Taylor, I feel like they can tell each other anything, and it will be an honest, in-your-best-interest kind of relationship. It’s not about anything else, and it’s one you don’t just find out here.”

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Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez
Christopher Polk/TAS18/Getty Images

Just last weekend, Swift, 28, shocked the crowd at her Pasadena, California, stadium show when she announced she’d be sharing the stage with a very special guest: Gomez.

Sharing a behind-the-scenes look at their rehearsal process on her Instagram Story, Swift and her longtime BFF laughed with each other as they prepared for the big day.

“We’re gonna sing ‘Hands to Myself’ which is a[n] absolutely iconic bop,” Swift said, while sharing a sweet moment with Gomez ahead of the show.

“Yes, Taylor loves that one, and I love her for loving it,” Gomez, 25, replied. “It’s my favorite song,” Swift insisted.

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift
Christopher Polk/TAS18/Getty Images

After sharing a clip of their energetic performance together, Swift wrote a sweet note to her friend on social media.

“To the person I could call at any time of day, who has been there no matter what… you absolutely KILLED IT tonight and everyone was so excited to see you. I love you, and 60,000 people at the Rose Bowl loved you too,” she remarked.

Gomez later posted a photo of the two to Instagram, captioning it, “I’m grateful for those I surround myself with. And this woman right here happens to be one of my favorites. Love our tradition and I love you.”

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During the actual performance, Gomez also had some kind words to say about her BFF, as she opened up to the crowd about why the pair have remained friends for over a decade.

“This person has never ever judged a single decision I’ve made. She’s always met me where I’ve been. She’s encouraged me when I’ve had nothing to be encouraged about, and I don’t know if I would be as strong as I am if I didn’t have you and your family because you’ve changed my life,” she said, according to a video captured by a fan at the concert.

Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour will see her play dates across North America, Europe and Oceania through November.

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