Taylor Swift Releases Music Video for 'The Man' from Live Performance at Her Paris Concert

Taylor Swift performed the empowering anthem during her 2019 City of Lover concert in Paris

Taylor Swift has a brand new music video that may seem familiar to Swifties.

The pop songstress released the music video of her Lover track, “The Man,” which was created from her live performance of the song at the 2019 City of Lover concert in Paris.

Wearing what appears to be a satin blazer and a sequin skirt, Swift, 30, performs the hit song acoustic in the video while her fans sing along and cheer her on.

Swift previously teased the video on Monday when she announced the release on social media.

The feminist anthem, which serves as the fourth single from her 2019 LP, finds Swift wondering what perceptions of her would be like if she were a man and not under the scrutiny she feels women are constantly put through.

Swift sings, “They’d say I hustled, put in the work / They wouldn’t shake their heads and question how much of this I deserve / What I was wearing, if I was rude / Could all be separated from my good ideas and power moves” on the track.

During her 2019 City of Lover concert at L’Olympia Bruno Coquatrix in Paris, Swift performed live debuts of “The Man” along with other Lover songs “Death By A Thousand Cuts” and “Cornelia Street” as well as her hit “You Need to Calm Down” and the album’s title track.

Swift previously opened a career-spanning medley with the song at the 2019 American Music Awards and it has become a fan favorite among Swifties — Taylor’s fanbase.

During outtakes from her Woman of the Decade interview with Billboard, Swift talked more about the empowering anthem and why she wrote it.

“It was a song that I wrote from my personal experience, but also from a general experience that I’ve heard from women in all parts of our industry,” she shared. “I think that, the more we can talk about it in a song like that, the better off we’ll be in a place to call it out when it’s happening.”

She added, “So many of these things are ingrained in even women, these perceptions, and it’s really about re-training your own brain to be less critical of women when we are not criticizing men for the same things.”

Taylor Swift poses during the 2019 American Music Awards
John Shearer/AMA2019/Getty Images for dcp

Last month, Swift also dropped “Only the Young,” a new song from her Netflix documentary Miss Americana that showed her getting more political than she ever has before.

The track, which was written and produced by the Swift and Lover contributor Joel Little, plays over the end credits of the documentary, which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival on Jan. 23, and hit Netflix on Jan. 31.

Listen and watch the video to “The Man – Live from Paris” above.

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