The idea that Taylor Swift and Drake might be dating has sent Twitter into a frenzy

By Alex Heigl
November 10, 2016 07:05 PM

Despite the way a lot of people are behaving, the world has actually not ended, and celebrities have continued to … celeb, meaning the rumor mill has once again ground to life and is churning effortlessly.

What we’re trying to say is that some people think Taylor Swift and Drake are dating. They’re probably just collaborating, but is it more?? Twitter seems to think so. Or at least Twitter has thoughts about the very idea of it being more.

There are a lot of those thoughts. We found some for you.

They call this “synergy.”

An excellent point.

It doesn’t really roll of the tongue, does it?

This is a shockingly good comparison.

“Drift” sounds like a cool wide receiver’s nickname in high school.

Sometimes ignorance is the best policy.

No one gives side-eye like Rihanna.

Do what you have to.

“Blac Chyna yelling at Rob” is a really versatile meme.

Okay, so that’s one against “Drift.”

Also a very good theory.

You knew this was coming.

Meek Mill is the real winner here, apparently.

That’s definitely your playlist’s loss.

A breakup song from those four would probably bring about the apocalypse somehow.

There’s shade and there’s shade. ?