H.E.R. Delivers Electrifying Performance of 'America the Beautiful' to Kick Off Super Bowl 2021

Her performance came just moments before Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church opened up game day with the national anthem

H.E.R. has done it again.

On Sunday, the star, 23, wowed fans as she delivered a powerful rendition of "America the Beautiful" to kick off Super Bowl LV. Wearing sparkly denim jeans and a matching light blue jacket, the singer impressed with stellar vocals and an electrifying guitar solo.

Fans and players were seen moved to tears as she hit high notes and played guitar for a unique version of the classic song.

The Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers will soon face off in the NFL's biggest game. Before H.E.R.'s performance, President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden shared a message of support for the country's frontline workers.

H.E.R. Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Days before her performance, the songstress (née Gabi Wilson) opened up about her anticipation and how incredibly proud she feels to have earned the esteemed spot in front of such a massive audience.

"The No. 1 thing I think about a lot is the fact that I'm a young Black girl from the Bay area that never imagined that I would be on a stage like that," she told Entertainment Tonight. "I think it's a message to other young Black women that you can do it too. There's nothing that you can't do. Reach for the stars."

"I am so excited to be performing at the Super Bowl," she told the outlet. "It's a huge stage and it doesn't get any bigger, you know? But I think the goal, for me, is to make [the song] my own. I'm a huge fan of the different versions of 'America the Beautiful,' but I really want to bring some different elements in there ... make it H.E.R."

H.E.R. Patrick Smith/Getty Images

This time last year, H.E.R. starred alongside Missy Elliott for Pepsi's Super Bowl 2020 commercial. She spoke to PEOPLE about her experience.

"Words cannot describe [how I feel,] it's honestly surreal for me," she said at the time. "It's a Super Bowl commercial and it's Pepsi and I can never believe these opportunities when they happen. I don't know what it is, but there is something really special about this specific commercial."

H.E.R. was even more excited to have collaborated with some big-time music greats, telling PEOPLE, "Especially the fact that I got to work with Missy for a really iconic song and Timbaland as well. It's surreal. It's amazing."

Later in Sunday's championship game, The Weeknd will star in Pepsi's Super Bowl LV halftime show. Last year, Demi Lovato sang the national anthem and Jennifer Lopez and Shakira were the leading ladies of the 2020 halftime show.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs are facing off at Super Bowl LV on Sunday in Tampa. The game is airing on CBS.

Due to the airborne transmission of COVID-19 and case spikes across the country, the CDC continually advises against gatherings of large groups and recommends six feet of distance and face coverings at all times.

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