Justin Timberlake Shuts Down Janet Jackson Reunion Rumors at Super Bowl LII Press Conference

During a press conference in Minnesota on Thursday, Justin Timberlake addressed rumors that he would reunite with Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl

Super Bowl LII is kicking off this Sunday, but for music fans the gridiron grit is just a preamble to the halftime extravaganza featuring Justin Timberlake. The 37-year-old “Filthy” superstar is making his first appearance at the big game since his infamous performance with Janet Jackson in 2004. (Not to dwell on the past, but it did introduce the phrase “wardrobe malfunction” into the popular lexicon…)

Fans have been fervently speculating on whether or not the duo will reunite this time around to finish what they started more than a decade ago. During a Thursday press conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Timberlake addressed those rumors — and so much more. Read on for some of the highlights.

Super Bowl XXXVIII: Halftime Show
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Who Will Be His Special Guests?

JT took on the question on everyone’s mind: Will he have a special guest?

“Well … no,” he admitted. “To be honest, I had a ton of grand ideas about special guests. There’s a whole list. I think Vegas has a lot of odds on it, from ‘NSYNC to Jay [JAY-Z] to Chris Stapleton to Janet.” Instead, he says he wants to shine the spotlight on his trusty longtime band, the Tennessee Kids. “I feel like they’re my special guests and I’m excited to rock the stage.”

Timberlake — who revealed he’s “doing a few things with this halftime show they’ve never quite done before” — confirmed that he’ll play his Oscar-nominated smash “Can’t Stop the Feeling” but warned, “That’s all I am giving away! I’m not giving away anything else, so don’t even try it.”

He Elaborated on His Bromance with Pat’s QB Tom Brady.

After being told that Brady listed him as one of his top man crushes, Timberlake revealed that “the feeling is reciprocated.”

Though was quick to add that he always maintained a special place in his heart for his frequent late night (television) co-conspirator Jimmy Fallon, his bromance with Brady remains strong.

“I actually texted Tom before the conference championship game and said, ‘I’m going to the Super Bowl, are you going to the Super Bowl?’ Schedules always get in the way of ‘bro time’ but Tom’s great. He’s the greatest of all time. Tom’s definitely the type of dude you invite over to watch the Super Bowl with you. The problem is he’s always in the Super Bowl. [But] he’s on my list.”

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But Will He Be Rooting for the Patriots?

One sportswriter from Boston couldn’t resist asking Timberlake if he’d been cheering for his buddy Brady and the Pats. “I have to go on tour in Philadelphia, woman!” he joked with a faux-exasperated sigh. “What are you doing to me?!” Ultimately the closest he could get was “Go Pack, go!”

The Green Bay Packers appreciated the shout-out from their longtime fan, even if they aren’t going to the big game themselves this year.

Son Silas hopefully won’t be a pop star, an actor or a football player— but he is working on manners.

When asked if Silas, his 2½-year-old son with wife Jessica Biel, would be following in his large footsteps as a musician, Timberlake hedged his bets, saying they were focusing on more important matters at hand — like being polite!

“Right now we’re working on our manners. That’s big deal in our house. One thing at a time!” Though he says he fully supports any move he might make into the arts or sports, Timberlake says he’s not picky. “My main objective is he become a great person.”

He prefers doughnuts to cake — and is partial to blueberry.

A number of reporters wished Timberlake, who turned 37 on Wednesday, a happy birthday. He gamely sat through several birthday songs, but drew the line at cake. “I prefer doughnuts … I really love doughnuts,” he told the crowd. Specifically blueberry.

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