Steven Tyler Opens 'Janie's House' Shelter for Abused Young Women: It's 'Just a Dream Come True'

The Aerosmith frontman started his foundation, Janie's Fund, in 2015

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Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler wrote the hit “Janie’s Got a Gun” 28 years ago, but he always knew he wanted to help girls in need.

Now, the singer is opening Janie’s House, a home for abused young women, located just outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

“It was always in my heart to maybe have a house, a Janie’s House to take care of young and abused girls,” Tyler, 69, says in an Instagram video posted on Thursday. “Well, guess what? Check this out! We did it. With the help of Youth Villages and all. We got it going on now.”

Tyler attended the ribbon cutting on Wednesday for the facility, which took years to bring to fruition.

“Steven’s in the mix and Janie’s in the house!!!” Tyler captioned a video he shared on social media. “I’ve never written a song as beautiful as Janie’s house…this was two years in the making!! Spending the day with these girls…I’m just so proud of them! I’m just relieved they have a safe space to be who they are #janiesgotafund.”

In the video, the star went on to share that starting his foundation, Janie’s Fund, in 2015 was “a dream come true.”

“This has been something I thought about since I wrote ‘Janie’s Got A Gun’—and didn’t know why,” says Tyler. “I didn’t know who Janie was or why she had a gun, and the voice inside my head said, ‘Keep going with this and fill in the blanks.’”

He adds: “For this place to be here and have it be called Janie’s House is just a dream come true. When I said ‘Janie’s Got a Gun’ and … said ‘No. No. No. Janie’s Got a Fund.’ I lost my mind.”

Ever since Tyler partnered with the nonprofit Youth Villages to start Janie’s Fund two years ago, the foundation has funded over 56,000 days of care for young women, assisted 1,300 teens aging out of the foster care system, and sponsored several programs that uplift and inspire abused women, according to the organization.

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