Spotify Celebrates AAPI Heritage Month with New Hub: 'Our Roots. Our Sound.'

The campaign highlights the groundbreaking work of Asian American and Pacific Islander artists and creators

Spotify Launches AAPI Hub
Photo: Spotify

Spotify is kicking off Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month with a brand new campaign.

"Our Roots. Our Sound." was created to amplify the voices of Asian American and Pacific Islander artists, creators and fans, and to reflect on their trailblazing contributions to the AAPI community.

The streaming service has added an Amplify: Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month hub and worked with global superstars, like mxmtoon, Yuna, Riz Ahmed, Rich Brian, Anik Khan, Eric Nam, Raveena, Yaeji, Steve Aoki, Rina Sawayama, NIKI and Jai Wolf to curate exclusive content on the platform.

Spotify Launches AAPI Hub

The hub, which includes curated playlists and podcasts, is available now for listeners in the U.S. and Canada, and will be updated throughout the month of May with new Spotify-exclusive content.

Here's what a few of the artists have to say about the importance of AAPI Heritage Month and their excitement about participating in the campaign.


“It means a lot to me to think about how I can tell my five-year-old self she would eventually be able to see her story reflected in the media. ... It’s a gift to do that for others and for my past self! Representation is so important, and I feel so thankful to have my voice be a part of this campaign."

Anik Khan

“This is important for me because it’s time we normalize Asian American creators and the art that comes from our communities. I’m taking part in this for that kid out there that looks like me to show them that it’s possible.”

Steve Aoki

"For me and all Asians, our month is every month. ... Our voices are somewhat marginalized in media and pop culture so when you get to shine for that moment, it's important. There's a lot the community has been doing on a cultural level, in music and entertainment, and especially in science with what's happening with COVID-19. With all the racism and violence towards Asians — not just in America but around the world — it's getting discussed here and there and I really appreciate the strong voices that are raising awareness.

"Of course, there's subliminal racism that we deal with, but it's this confrontational racism that you don't see all the time. And yes, it does still happen. The fear of doing normal activities is something we have to face because of this tension and ignorance that's breeding. With AAPIH Month being celebrated, we can talk about the positives not just for our specific communities but communities in general for all people."

Jai Wolf

"Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month is a good way to reflect on our culture and our history. It's also a good time to check the current landscape of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the music industry."

Eric Nam

"People will sometimes ask, 'Why do you need a month?' For us, it's a time to step back and appreciate and celebrate who we are. ... It gives us a reason to be more collaborative and encouraging of each other no matter what industry."

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