Spice Girls Celebrate 25th Anniversary of Debut Single 'Wannabe': 'The Song That Changed Everything'

"I'm so proud of everything we have achieved together, girls," Geri Halliwell wrote in a heartfelt tribute

Spice Girls
Spice Girls. Photo: Geri Halliwell/Instagram

Friendship never ends!

The Spice Girls celebrated a special milestone this week: the 25th anniversary of their debut single "Wannabe."

"Zigazigahhhhhh!!! 🎉🎉," Emma Bunton wrote on social media. "Feeling very emotional, what an amazing 25 years it has been. Thanks to our wonderful fans for making 5 girls dreams come true, loving the songs that we wrote, copying our dance routines and embracing our individuality!"

"My beautiful girls @melaniecmusic, @officialmelb, @therealgerihalliwell, @victoriabeckham - the best girl squad ever!!! ✌️" she added.

In her own post, Mel C mused, "25 years! Can you believe it?!"

"With the help of our amazing fans this song catapulted us on our incredible journey, so much love and thanks to you guys today, the wonderful Matt and Biff, and my darling Spice Girls," she wrote. "So many memories! The Strongroom, St Pancras, those stairs! And backflipping all over the World!"

"Happy Birthday Wannabe!" she added. "Can't wait until we Zig a zig ahh again!!!"

Alongside another heartfelt tribute, Geri Halliwell took a walk down memory lane.

"Wow. The song that changed the lives of five girls from Britain," she wrote alongside two throwback photos — one of which was taken of the group in her garden "listening to the radio together that day we went to number 3 in the charts!!"

Halliwell also shared that she "bought a gold ring for each of the girls when we first got together as a symbol of our friendship."

"It's a special bond that continues to stand the test of time. I'm so proud of everything we have," she continued. "I'm so proud of everything we have achieved together, girls. BIG thank you to our amazing fans from all over the world for your support and loyalty. Love, Ginger."

Added Victoria Beckham, "I can't believe it's been 25 years since Wannabe was released!! The song that changed everything…"

Spice Girls
Spice Girls. Geri Halliwell/Instagram

Just last month, the girl group — which has reunited a number of times over the past years — celebrated "Wannabe" and Pride Month by launching the '#IAmASpiceGirl' campaign and releasing an all-new limited edition EP called Wannabe25.

In a campaign video the women posted in shirts designed by Beckham that read, "Proud and wannabe your lover" — with 100% of the proceeds going to help combat youth homelessness within the LGBTQ community.

spice girls
Spice Girls in 1998. Brian Rais/Getty

"We are blessed to be Spice Girls but we are honoured to have the best fans in the world, " Mel B wrote at the time on social media. "We wouldn't be anywhere without you and can't thank you enough for all the love we've had from all of you for two and a half decades."

"We've all grown up together and we've shared so much which is why we'd like to put you all at the heart of our celebrations so we can celebrate YOU!" she added. "Whether you are Scary or Sporty there's a Spice Girl in all of us and all of you so we want to see your very best memories and how you're celebrating this year. Dress up. Go wild."

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