Skrillex took a break in his set at the Your Paradise festival in Fiji this week to help a couple get engaged onstage.


“You may now kiss the bride… and drop the bass.”

EDM weddings were probably a thing before, but we’ll credit Skrillex with bringing them into the mainstream. The Wise Hobbit King of bombastic bleeps and bloops helped a nice couple get engaged at the Your Paradise festival in Fiji on Thursday.

The groom-to-be, Malcolm, was invited onstage and given a mic so he could invite his now-financée, Jen, to the stage. She obviously went along with it—as did the crowd, who chanted her name (as one does). Once she figured out what’s going on, she dissolved into a puddle of happy-tears

To cut to the heart of the matter, she said yes.

And people say EDM is the cold, robotic computer music of the future…