Singer Lauren LoGrasso opens up about the importance of mental health on her new song "Freakshow"

By Alyssa Johnson and Melody Chiu
February 12, 2021 10:00 AM

In the middle of the desert, singer Lauren LoGrasso found herself.

In a new music video for her song "Freakshow," the indie artist shares her journey of self-acceptance with the world.

"The video is all about rebirth, finding beauty in imperfection, self-actualization and a return to nature," LoGrasso — who hopped into a van at 4 a.m. with her friend and video director Paria Sadighi on shoot day — tells PEOPLE about bringing the song to life. "We shot it to represent the different parts of the song: the light, the dark and ultimately the integration of the two. Setting it to the backdrop of the desert just felt right."

LoGrasso says "Freakshow" is her most "personal song to date." The vulnerable anthem explores her battle with anxiety and self-love, highlighting the good and the bad throughout the process of fully understanding and accepting herself. 

"What if you didn't try to escape yourself, but rather decided to radically acknowledge and love who you are in this moment with all your truths — the beauty and pain," says LoGrasso. "To choose your own freak show above anyone else's because we're all just out here trying our very best."

Lauren LoGrasso
Credit: youtube

LoGrasso also opened up about collaborating with Sadighi, a close friend of hers, on her latest project.

"It all started over a conversation one night when I played her the song and she started bringing up these brilliant ideas for a potential video," says LoGrasso of Sadighi's directorial debut. "Out of a gut reaction I said to her, 'Do you want to direct it?' She hesitated and half said yes, but in a scared way. She probably thought I would just drop it. I didn't. I knew that she would be amazing."

After taking on the task, Sadighi shares that she wanted to make sure that her friend would not regret working with her.

"For Lauren to trust me with this project means so much to me," Sadighi tells PEOPLE. "I was laser-focused on not letting her down. She allowed me to be as hands-on as I needed to be. From wardrobe to visuals to scenery backdrops and picking our editor — the incomparable Jamie Yukich. My only priority on shoot day was that Lauren felt like a star."

Sadighi shares that although members on the team had not previously worked on a project together, everyone clicked. 

"It was such an honor to work on 'Freakshow' alongside Lauren and our incredibly talented crew: Hondro our DP, David our AC and Emily our AP," says Sadighi. "None of us had ever worked together before and yet the chemistry was instant."

Aside from producing her People's Choice Awards-nominated podcast "Unleash Your Inner Creative" each week, LoGrasso plans on releasing new music throughout 2021.

Her single "Therapy" will debut in May, and an upcoming EP is expected to drop this summer.