Move over, Biebs—there's a sexy new crooner in town

By Gillian Telling
March 22, 2017 06:01 PM

Move over, Biebs—there’s a sexy new crooner in town, and people are calling him the new Sam Smith.

Leon Else, 27, a British singer from Kent, England, has been turning heads with his cover of Sia’s “Titanium” —even earning the attention of the captivating singer herself.

Sia called Else’s version out on Twitter, saying, “Holy crap. Best cover of Titanium yet.”

“I was actually quite shocked that she would have even seen my cover, let alone tweet me telling me it was the best she had heard,” Else tells PEOPLE. “It’s an amazing compliment to have, especially coming from an artist you truly admire.”

Else, who grew up in government housing in the U.K., first began writing songs at age 12 and self-recording them on his cassette player before putting them up on MySpace. The professional dancer has also made waves in men’s fashion, with British GQ naming him “Best Dressed Man” last year.

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“I believe music and fashion go hand in hand as they are both art forms—they are both ways to express yourself really,” he told the outlet last year. “So, for me, I love it!”

Else, who is currently working on his debut album, will make his U.S. radio debut on March 23rd on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, where he’ll be singing “Titanium” live.