Kelly Clarkson doesn't need any help singing "Since U Been Gone" — but John Oliver, Shaq, Rachel Brosnahan and Anthony Anderson are gonna give it to her anyway

John Oliver, Shaq, Rachel Brosnahan and Anthony Anderson all had their chance to sing “Since U Been Gone” with Kelly Clarkson — and they blew it!

In a segment aired on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, an interesting mix of celebrities, from sports stars to Grammy-winning musicians, popped on some headphones and joined the host in an attempt to recreate The Voice coach’s epic vocals on the 2004 track. While the quality of singing was mixed, the end result was still hilarious.

To start, Shaquille O’Neal, 46, breaks some glass before Fallon, 44, hops on the screen and strums a little air guitar with his brow furrowed. Next Brosnahan, 28, shares some sultry singing and hand moves, and the British comedian, 41, brings a little formality to the clip when he replaces “Yeah, yeah” with “Yes, yes.”

The Roots finish up his line, and Clarkson, 36, briefly gives listeners some respite before Shaq returns. Meghan Trainor, 25, adds a little pop flare to the song. Then, the 48-year-old Black-ish actor, Oliver and Brosnahan unapologetically scream towards the end.

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This isn’t the first time Clarkson has embraced the cringe-worthiness that comes with trying to belt out “Since U Been Gone” like only the original American Idol can.

In December, a fan cam video of a mother shamelessly jamming out to it next to her son went viral on social media.

The hysterical video caught the attention of Clarkson, who proudly showed her support for the woman’s dramatic lip-syncing rendition.

“This is my kind of mama,” the mom-of-two tweeted, adding the hashtag “#ThatKidIsNotHavinIt,” and sharing the clip herself.