"I was that excited," Selena Gomez says as she remembers the time she went to see Ed Sheeran perform at the Hollywood Bowl

By Gabrielle Chung
December 17, 2019 07:25 PM

Selena Gomez isn’t holding back anymore.

The “Lose You to Love Me” singer, 27, shared an incredibly candid story about attending one of Ed Sheeran‘s concerts during her appearance on U.K.’s KISS FM on Monday.

During the radio show’s “Liar, Liar” segment, in which the star was instructed to tell two false stories and one true anecdote about her life, Gomez admitted she had once “soiled” herself before seeing Sheeran, 28, perform.

“Me and my friends, we love going to concerts back home. Ed Sheeran was playing at the Hollywood Bowl and there was so much traffic. I was very uncomfortable, let’s say, down there,” she remembered, gesturing to the area below her waist. “So I will say that it was the first time that I had maybe soiled my pants a bit.”

“I was that excited, but I didn’t want to leave,” she continued. “I kind of just went, ‘All right, I’ll put a little sweater on the bottom of me,’ and I made it through the concert.”

The singer added that the incident happened in the car while she was among friends.

“Just so you know, I’ve never told anyone that,” she revealed, laughing after confirming that the story was indeed true. “I can’t wait to see the headlines on this one.”

As for what she thinks Sheeran what might say about her story, Gomez said, “Honestly, he’s probably like, ‘That’s fine. Good for her.'”

Selena Gomez, Ed Sheeran
| Credit: Jesse Grant/Getty Images; Theo Wargo/Getty Images

In the same interview, Gomez opened up about her close friendship with Taylor Swift, sharing that the 30-year-old pop star was one of the first people to get a preview of her new music.

“I’ll never forget when I did play the video for ‘Lose You to Love Me’ and looking at her,” she said. “It was one of the coolest experiences because I’ve been friends with her for over a decade.”

According to Gomez, Taylor and her mother, Andrea Swift, got very emotional after watching the music video for the first time.

“Her and her mom just started crying — like just tears and tears,” she recalled. “It’s gonna make me cry thinking about it because it wasn’t about just how great the song was … it was just that they had been on that journey with me intimately. They were crying because how proud they were for me stepping into a whole new era of my life.”

Speaking about moving past “horrible things” and the “emotional chaos” in her life, the “Wolves” songstress added, “To see her and her mom feel that way, it was very sweet.”