Happy Birthday, Selena Gomez! Celebrate the New Queen of TikTok with 9 of Her Best Videos

We love her like a love song, baby

selena gomez
Selena Gomez. Photo: Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

Selena Gomez is the new queen of TikTok.

Remember when she was the most-followed person on Instagram? Well, Gomez is taking that star power over to TikTok where she shares short, random videos — lip-syncing viral sounds, singing old songs with friends, and even showing her workouts!

To celebrate the singer's 29th birthday, here are our 9 favorite TikToks by Gomez!

She might not have the moves down, but it's all good

After joining K-Pop sensation BLACKPINK on their song "Ice Cream," Gomez tried giving the track the TikTok choreo treatment... but kinda failed.

"Perfecting my dance moves for @bp_tiktok 😂 #icecream," she captioned the post.

While lip-syncing the song, she attempted to dance to the catchy collaboration before giving up and saying, "I don't know!" as her friends laughed in the background.

We feel you, Sel!

Okay, we'll take a lil freestyle

Nothing like a good dance break!

In January, Gomez shared a video of herself doing a freestyle-like choreography to her song "Baila Conmigo" with Rauw Alejandro.

Matching with a friend, the singer danced along to her Spanglish song as she broke into laughter alongside one of her besties.

A lil throwback moment we're here for!

Fetus Selena!

In May, the actress shared a video of herself singing along to Britney Spears' "Don't Go Knockin on My Door" when she was a little baby.

"The hustle was real," she captioned her post.

In the video, Gomez rocks the cutest sunglasses in front of a green screen galaxy background.

Nothing like a good workout

Break a sweat, Selena!

At the end of June, the singer shared a video of herself doing several exercises alongside her friends.

"Feeling great…but also 😅," she captioned the post.

Oh, and Lizzo was living for it too!

"I see uuuuuuuu sweat it out!" the "Juice" singer commented.

Girl, how'd you find this audio?

Now this one is hella random.

Lipsyncing to an audio of a random TikToker pair with interesting drama, Gomez racked up 11.5 million likes.

"Got who pregnant?" Gomez lipsyncs. "I don't give a f—, as long as it's not me. That kid is gonna have a big ass nose. That's not my problem. Bitch, Miami here I come because I am nobody's baby momma!"

Selena's caption? "Lol." Same girl, same.

Nothing like a good self-roast

This girl got jokes!

Gomez shared a silly TikTok where she's holding a colorful wig as she mouths a viral sound from a past interview on a red carpet when she was still on Disney Channel.

"I've got a little blue going on. I don't know, I like a little edge and a little pop in my hair so I wanted to add something different, especially for the Teen Vogue party," Gomez lip-syncs the audio.

The video — which she captioned "To my younger self: you're not cool bro" — has already racked up nearly 8 million likes.

Red sweater, red lips and red flags

As long as he's not a Virgo, we good!

Lip-syncing a viral sound from TikToker Owen Unruh, Gomez makes it clear that red is her color. (And red flags need to be caught.)

"So you're telling me that you can read his astrological birth chart but you can't read the red flags?" she lipsyncs as she twirls a straw in her Coca-Cola can. "Sis..."

She's too sexy for this

It looks like lip-syncing TikTok audios is Selena's pastime!

"Why do bad things happen to sexy people? I'm too sexy for this," she lip-syncs. "This isn't fair and I didn't choose this. The f—!"

The comment section was filled with an important question, we'd also like answered: "how do u find these sounds 😭"

So y'all gonna kiss?

We still stan Selena Gomez & The Scene.

On Wednesday, the singer shared a video of herself lip-syncing to her song "Love You Like a Love Song" as she and a friend sang the lyrics to each other before coming close to sharing a smooch.

"I love you like a love song baby," Gomez captioned the video with nearly 5 million likes.

The two (jokingly) sang the iconic track passionately before Gomez laughs and stops the video.

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