The pop star threw up in her dressing room after having to eat the spicy wings

By Claudia Harmata
June 12, 2019 10:10 AM
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Selena Gomez took some heat while appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Tuesday night.

The 26-year-old pop star found herself roped into a segment of “Hot Ones” with Jimmy Fallon, where the pair had to eat increasingly spicier chicken wings as they got asked tough questions by “Hot Ones” host Sean Evans.

“I’m gonna regret this,” Gomez admitted before starting the segment. With milk and water on hand, and the hot sauces staring them down, Gomez and Fallon handled the first wing well. However, by the end of the second, they were both feeling the heat.


During the second wing, Evans asked Gomez about the “enduring allure of dining out at Hooters.”

“Initially, it was because my dad wanted to hit on hot girls,” Gomez answered, not feeling the kick of spice just yet — unlike Fallon who was already squirming.

“But then, I don’t know, I enjoy the fried pickles, the shrimp, the butter. It’s good,” she added, finally admitting after that she could feel the spiciness start to set in.

By the end of the segment — four wings and sauces later — Gomez was in tears and Fallon was hysterical, trying to wrap up the segment as quickly as he could.

“I hate it!” Gomez shouted as she tried to cool off her mouth after the last, and spiciest wing while being challenged to guess three ad-lib impressions by Jimmy for the final question.

“Why do you do this to people?” the singer cried to Evans.

When the burning segment was finally over, Gomez and Fallon returned to the regular interview, and Gomez — while jokingly glaring at Fallon, arms crossed — admitted she threw up in her dressing room afterward.

“Yeah, that was really fun,” she said sarcastically to Fallon, who was laughing and recapping the moment he saw her vomiting to the audience. “I’m like throwing up in my dressing room, I’m never doing anything with you ever again.”

Gomez then went on to reveal that she had completed her third solo album and was finally feeling in a “good place” to produce it. Fans can expect the album to have “a sense of strong pop,” but with some more soulful and acoustic tracks as well.