12-Year-Old Girl Breaks Down While Singing with Ariana Grande at Manchester Concert

The Parrs Wood School Choir stole the show on Sunday night at the One Love Manchester concert

Photo: Kevin Mazur/One Love Manchester/Getty Images

The Parrs Wood School Choir stole the show on Sunday night at the One Love Manchester concert.

The high school choir took the stage to sing a rendition of Ariana Grande‘s song “My Everything,” alongside the singer herself. The song opened with an impressive solo by Natasha Seth, 12, before Grande joined in. The little girl got overwhelmed at one point, appearing to cry. After the performance, Grande hugged Natasha.

The Parrs Wood Harmony Group were asked to participate in the event after Grande heard their version of her hit song. The singers — some of whom were at the May 22 show when the tragedy occurred — came together to raise money and pay their respects through music with the tune.

After the emotional song, Grande gave the students a hug goodbye before they left the stage.

The young singer’s joined an impressive list of performers on Sunday including Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams, Take That, Coldplay, Niall Horan, Robbie Williams, and the Black Eyed Peas.

The mood at the concert was especially somber after a terrorist attack in London — which left seven dead and 48 injured after three men drove into a crowd and attacked with knives — occurred less than 24 hours ahead of the concert. Despite the attack and the severe threat level, Grande’s manager Scooter Braun and the Greater Manchester Police had stated that the show would go on as a message of resilience in the face of hatred.

Kevin Mazur/One Love Manchester/Getty Images

Musical director Daniel McDwyer previously PEOPLE the invitation to perform came as a complete surprise, as they were using the song to cope with the horrific attack.

“In a way it was just a way of keeping all of our minds busy — the young people and us adults as well,” he said. “As singers you sing all the time, so even when something like this happens you want to express your emotions through song. At the end of the day this is something completely about people who were injured and killed, so the main feeling was just ‘happy to be helping in any way that we can.’”

Kevin Mazur/One Love Manchester/Getty Images

All proceeds from the concert, taking place at the Emirates Old Trafford stadium in the city, are going to the Red Cross’s Manchester Emergency Fund to help victims and families impacted by the attack. Those who were at Grande’s original gig were offered free tickets, and additional tickets sold out in just six minutes.

The show is expected to bring in around $2.6 million.

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