"It's been very sweet actually, because to get this song organized, we've actually been walking to the park together with our dogs," she tells PEOPLE about the former couple's reunion

By Tomás Mier
December 18, 2020 11:00 AM

Sarah Brightman knows this Christmas will be different so she's bringing the perfect concert to everyone's home.

The multi-hyphenate soprano is returning to the stage for her virtual A Christmas Symphony show this Sunday — and it features a special guest: her ex-husband and renowned composer Andrew Lloyd Webber!

"It's been a delight to work on this show," Brightman, 60, tells PEOPLE. "Everything's very geared toward the spirit and beauty of Christmas. It's very calming, but very alive all at the same time."

For the performance — which was filmed at Christ Church Spitalfields in London — she's enlisted several collaborators for holiday songs and renditions of holiday tracks. Aled Jones, who voiced The Snowman, will join her for a track, along with the choir Gregorian.

Sarah Brightman
| Credit: Simon Fowler

She'll perform classics such as "Silent Night," "I Believe in Father Christmas" and "Ave Maria" — but is also set to sing "Christmas Dream," a song Webber, 72, composed years ago. (The two will perform it together.)

"I'm very lucky that I will have my ex-husband, Andrew Lloyd Webber, coming to play a song of his with me," she says. "He wrote it many, many years ago for [The Odessa File]. We've done a completely new rendition of it and have added parts."

Brightman says reuniting with Webber has "been very great," especially after she settled at a London apartment near her parents during the pandemic.

"Andrew actually lives five minutes away from me. I can walk," she says. "I can practically see his house from mine."

"It's been very sweet actually, because to get this song organized, we've been walking to the park together with our dogs and having a coffee and just going through how the song might be done," she adds. "So, it's actually been very lovely."

Sarah Brightman
| Credit: Simon Fowler

Brightman says that during a recent chat with Webber, the two spoke about how London has changed over the years, especially during the 1950s and 1960s when the city was "alive for 24 hours, a bit like New York."

The holidays this year will be quite different for Brightman and her family. While she's used to "a massive affair" with 25 people, this year she'll just keep it to her small bubble: herself, her parents and her partner.

"It will probably just be the four of us for Christmas, but that's fine, it will still be lovely," she says. "At the end of the day, it's spiritual ties and family for me. It doesn't necessarily have to be overblown. It might be quite nice to actually do it simply, and think about what Christmas really is. I just pray that we all get out of this whole year safely and get on with our lives normally again."

Sarah Brightman
| Credit: Simon Fowler

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Brightman says she's thankful for her family's health through the pandemic and to be able to be with her parents through it all.

"I'm close to my family, but often it's through a computer, but this time I've been able to connect with them a lot more, which has been really nice," she says. "And I've been more introspective about life and what I can make better in the future."

Her upcoming show will also feature a charitable angle, as she's partnering with The Global Foodbanking Network, which aims to feed those in need, especially during the pandemic.

"I just really want all my fans to have a really good time, sit on their sofa, and just enjoy, with a glass of something and some food," she says.

A Christmas Symphony airs Sunday, Dec. 20.