Sam Smith Admits He's 'Insanely Single' and Has Been Struggling with Fame as He Releases New Song

The Grammy and Oscar winner told Beats 1's Zane Lowe about "the storytelling of something that I've gone through"

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In September 2019, Sam Smith announced that they use they/them pronouns. This content was written in September 2017 before Smith publicly announced their pronouns.

Sam Smith is pouring his heart (his broken heart that is) in his new single, “Too Good at Goodbyes.”

“This song is about me and about a relationship that I was in,” the Grammy and Oscar winner, 25, told Beats 1‘s Zane Lowe. Fans may find the sound to be similar to the deep material from his debut studio album, and it has a lot to do with Smith’s relationship status.

“I’m still very, very single. I think I’m even more single than I was when I released In the Lonely Hour, so I’m insanely single,” the singer admitted, adding, “People are gonna see, this one as I’ve said is about me and something that I’ve gone through.”

As for if he’s ready to move on from heartbreak, Smith said he’s more optimistic, both in his love life and songwriting.

“I do feel like I’m ready for something more positive, more than I was,” the star explained. “What I’ve been through relationship wise the last year has made me a lot stronger and I feel like I’ve learned some lessons from it.”

But don’t expect Smith’s forthcoming album to be entirely autobiographical.

“This album actually is not all about me. There’s about four songs that are about me and the rest are about different things and different people in my life and what they’ve gone through,” he teased. “Different in my opinions on different things. I wanted to welcome people back in and I want it to be about my voice and about the storytelling of something that I’ve gone through.”

And Smith has much needed catching up to do with fans since he took an extended break from social media in March 2016, very rarely returning to Twitter. So what exactly was he up to?

“Just getting on the same page as my family and friends again. My fame and what happens when you become well known really scared me,” Smith said about his most challenging moment thus far. “I became very distant to my family and friends just because our lives weren’t relatable. So, that was really tough for me. When I’m not close to my family I freak out and I’m just not the best person I could be.”

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Thus, stepping away from the spotlight brought him back to a family-centered life.

“For it to not be about me for one year was absolutely wonderful. I was there to see my god daughter be born, I’ve been at every single birthday for my mom and my dad, sister and my cousins, my best friends,” Smith said. “I’m there for down days & their good days. My sister’s graduation, I was there for both of them. It was incredible.”

Also in the interview, Smith confirmed that his next album will be released this year before Christmas.

Along with the release of his new song, Smith released an unofficial video for “Too Good at Goodbyes” from director Luke Monaghan exclusively on Spotify. The official video will be released at a later date.

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