Sam Smith Encourages Fans to Pick Up a Book Amid Social Distancing — 'Even Though I Hate Reading'

The "How Do You Sleep?" star plans to combat self-isolation with "a little sing-song together"

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Sam Smith is taking social distancing seriously — but they have some ideas for making it a bit more fun.

In a Twitter post uploaded Wednesday, the “How Do You Sleep?” singer revealed they’re planning to beat self-isolation by recording some music and posting it onto social media so that we can “all have a little sing-song together.”

“I’m going to sing and I’m going to play some songs and just record them,” they added. “I think it would be really, really nice. I think we all need it and, you know, in a time like this music is a really, really beautiful thing.”

Speaking from home wearing the white jersey of London’s Fulham Football Club, Smith also revealed that while they’re currently holed up with a headache and some allergies, they don’t believe they’re suffering from coronavirus and will be okay — although they’re planning to “stay inside just to be safe.”

In fact, like everyone who’s currently self-isolating, Smith’s biggest challenge is boredom.

“Please, please stay safe,” they added. “Drink loads of water. Read – even though I hate reading. I guess just try and do things that keep you busy. I think I might just watch TV to be quite honest right now, because I’m bored s—less.”

Like millions of others, the Grammy and Oscar-winner, 27 — who recently opened up about the adjustment they’ve faced since coming out as non-binary — is also struggling to deal with the fact that life has suddenly changed so dramatically.

“This is a weird, weird, weird time. Oh my gosh: very strange,” said Smith. “I just wanted to reach out to every one of you right now and just send my love.”

“I really, really hope you’re okay and hope you’re mentally all right,” they added, before pointing to their head and saying that “this is going to be challenging for anyone who gets in here a little bit like me.”

Sam Smith
Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images

They also alluded to the fact that while they have a new album out on May 1 — which they tweeted they are “more proud of… than anything I’ve ever done” — there are currently far more important things on their mind: family and friends.

“I just want to really bring home and just say how important I think this time right now is, for all of us to remain a unit and to look out for each other – especially for all the older people right now in the world,” said Smith.

“I’m worried about my Nan and there’s so many people I’m worried about. We’ve just really got to look out for each other and be patient and be giving and share things: share food people!”

They continued, “This is going to be a very, very odd and difficult few weeks and I just wanted to say that I’m going to try and do as much as I can to help and all I can really do — I’m pretty s— at everything else — the only thing I can do is sing!”

As of Wednesday morning, the coronavirus has been identified in all 50 U.S. states, The New York Times reported. More than 100 deaths in America have been linked to COVID-19, with at least 5,881 people confirmed cases of the illness.

According to the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU), as of Wednesday morning, 598 cases have been confirmed in Canada, with a total of eight deaths.

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