Sam Smith Announces Third Album Love Goes, Drops Single 'Diamonds'

"This album marks a time of experimentation and self discovery in my life," Sam Smith wrote

Sam Smith has announced their third studio album, Love Goes, alongside the release of their latest single, "Diamonds."

The 28-year-old artist shared the news of the album, out Oct. 30, on their Instagram page Thursday.

"I'm extremely happy and overjoyed to announce my third album (I can't believe I'm saying that) Love Goes," Smith wrote. "This album marks a time of experimentation and self discovery in my life."

They continued, "I wrote this from the age of 26-28 and it's been one hell of a ride. I hope the people who listen to it enjoy it and love it like I have and do. You can pre-order now at"

sam smith
Sam Smith. Alasdair McLellan

The Thursday release of Smith's single "Diamonds" was accompanied by a music video featuring the singer freely dancing to the upbeat anthem.

In addition to "Diamonds," Love Goes includes several of their previously released singles, including "Dancing with a Stranger," "To Die For," "I Feel Love," "Promises," "Fire on Fire" and the hit "How Do You Sleep?"

In March, Smith announced that the upcoming album would be delayed past its scheduled release date of May 1 and shared that the original name, To Die For, would be changed.

In a letter posted to their Instagram Thursday, Smith addressed the delay, apologizing to fans. "I am sorry it's taken awhile," they wrote. "But these unprecedented times gave me the room and space to fall in love with these songs all over again."

Smith also reflected on the album as a whole in the letter, writing, "The last two years have been the most experimental time of my life, personally but also musically. Every time I went into the studio I promised myself I would shoot for the stars and have no limitations. The result has been so magical and so therapeutic and FUN."

They continued, "My love for music is so broad and all of my musical guilty pleasures became pleasures. No guilt, no shame, just the love of singing and creating and dancing."

"Listen to these songs with an open heart, treat each song like a different flower from the garden and have fun with them. I tried not to take myself too seriously when writing a few of these songs and I hope they make you smile because they made and make me smile. After it all I still believe love is the answer," Smith added. "And with love in our heart and kindness in our words and actions, we sing on."

Smith's new album, Love Goes, will be available wherever you stream music on Oct. 30.

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