Singer-Songwriter Sam DeRosa Is Engaged to Boyfriend of 7 Years Shane: 'The Timing Was Magical'

"The world could have disappeared and we would have been OK," the couple tells PEOPLE about spending time together during the pandemic. "That's when we knew"

Sam DeRosa engaged
Shane Carlyle and Sam DeRosa. Photo: Nikki DeRosa-Denbaum

No more "Sad Faces" for Sam DeRosa: she's engaged!

On Tuesday, the "Pill for This" singer revealed that her boyfriend of seven years Shane Carlyle had proposed to her "on a candlelit rooftop in Manhattan" as both families watched from behind a tinted window.

"I had NO idea. I always make this joke that we should skip marriage and be like Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, just high-fiving and thriving after tons of years together," DeRosa, 29, tells PEOPLE. "But recently, I've been feeling ready for it and was not even going to tell him!"

"Somehow he knew and the timing was magical," she adds.

DeRosa and Carlyle, 32, met in Boston when she sang at a bar where he was bartending. The two immediately connected and he moved to Los Angeles with DeRosa where she pursued her singing career "because he believed in me."

"Shane has always made jokes that he 'loves my exes' because they brought us together and that all these songs will buy us a house," DeRosa says with a laugh. (DeRosa released EP The Medicine last year inspired by a bad breakup.)

Sam DeRosa engaged
Shane Carlyle and Sam DeRosa. Nikki DeRosa-Denbaum

Carlyle tells PEOPLE he was "definitely nervous" about proposing to DeRosa since she's "so hard to surprise." (DeRosa joked on Instagram that it was clear she had no idea since she had on some "Christmas carnival nails.")

"I couldn't eat a thing all day because I swore she knew," he says. "I had planned a speech for weeks, but when the actual moment happened, I think I blacked out and truly forgot everything I wanted to say. So thank God she said yes!"

The sweet moment even had a little mishap as Carlyle accidentally opened the box upside down!

"I almost thought I lost the ring before it even went on her hand," Carlyle says with a laugh. "I also surprised her with both of our families hiding (for after she said yes), and she heard her mom scream through the window when I got down on one knee, so that pretty much gave it away!"

The couple says the pandemic bonded them and they were truly "never tired of each other," adding that they "got closer than ever, which we never thought was possible."

Sam DeRosa engaged
Shane Carlyle and Sam DeRosa. Nikki DeRosa-Denbaum

"The world could have disappeared and we would have been OK," the couple says. "That's when we knew."

"Sam jokes that she started writing love songs instead of breakup ones after that wild 2020 year," Carlyle adds.

"I have always put my career first," continues the "321" songstress. "Shane has always been so supportive of that (still is!) and always wanted me to be ready. We are very career-driven people, but after being stuck in quarantine and not able to play shows or spend time apart, having all of that quality time wound up being a gift."

Sharing a set of photos of the beautiful moment, DeRosa opened up about being hesitant to get married, but how Carlyle always made her feel like he'd be the right one.

"I have been hilariously trying to find reasons to run and not get married for pretty much my entire adult life, for fear that it would change me or change us," the "Be Happy" songwriter wrote on Instagram. "But you've always laughed and said we'd figure it out and know when the time was right. What makes this so fun is how much I realize this morning that nothing 'changes' if you have found your person."

"Nothing feels different if you've already found that match because life is already great. It actually just gets better. It's nothing but a page turn, and a great one at that," she added. "You truly are the most selfless, hardworking, fun, and supportive human. You choose me always, you put me first... You love me as loud and wild and crazy as I am, and you've never been jealous or insecure or tried to change me. I've never ever known a love like that."

DeRosa is set to release a new EP next summer with a first single out at the start of the year. She also wrote "Evergreen," the title track of Pentatonix's Christmas album. She's also working on her debut album.

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