Sam Asghari Teases Britney Spears for Having a Framed Brad Pitt Photo: 'I'm 10 Times Better Than That Guy'

In a new Instagram video, Asghari inspected a framed photo of the Oscar winner in his breakthrough role as criminal J.D. in 1991's Thelma and Louise — which resides in Spears' closet

Britney Spears; Sam Asghari
Britney Spears and Sam Asghari. Photo: Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

Sam Asghari seems to be a little jealous of Britney Spears' crush on Brad Pitt.

In a video posted to the actor's Instagram page on Wednesday, Asghari inspected a framed photo of the Oscar winner in his breakthrough role as criminal J.D. in 1991's Thelma and Louise — which resides in the popstar's closet — and expressed some envy over the "Toxic" singer's admiration for the film star.

"Alright, so we got a huge problem," said Asghari, wearing a pink woven cowboy hat, in the clip. "My girl got a picture of… Who's this? Brad Pitt." From elsewhere in her closet, Spears then chimed in and said, "The one and only."

"Yeah, the one and only Brad Pitt in her closet. You don't think I can do this?" he asked with a giggle, echoed by Spears from off-camera, before holding up a pink hairdryer and imitating Pitt as J.D., reciting his Thelma and Louise lines: "Now, Simon says everybody down on the floor. If you don't lose your head, you ain't gonna lose your head."

"That's good, baby," Spears, 40, said encouragingly while chuckling. "I'm 10 times better than that guy," Asghari, 28, replied — as he knocked the pink picture frame face-down on a table.

This is nowhere near the first time Spears has expressed love for Pitt — in fact, there's a full YouTube compilation of interview clips in which he's become a topic of discussion. In an early 2000s interview for On Air with Ryan Seacrest, the radio host asked her to name any one person in the world she'd want to spend the day with. "Brad Pitt, definitely," she responded. "I've met him briefly… I was a little goofball. I didn't know what to say."

Another video from the YouTube compilation shows Spears in a dark room, smoking a cigarette and filming herself with a night vision setting, as she discusses her dream marriage partner. "We're talking about marriage and stuff like that earlier, and the person that I'm gonna marry… I'm not going to marry this person — it's Brad Pitt," she jokingly said. "That's what I want to happen."

Spears' plans have clearly changed since then, as she and Asghari announced their engagement via Instagram in September 2021. "The couple made their long-standing relationship official today and are deeply touched by the support, dedication and love expressed to them," Asghari's manager Brandon Cohen told PEOPLE in a statement at the time.

Earlier this month, the pop princess posted an elusive Instagram post telling fans she was "having a baby" in a caption about food and her past experiences with perinatal depression. Shortly afterward, Asghari shared a passionate note to his Instagram page about their forthcoming wedding and the prospect of becoming a father.

"Marriage and kids are a natural part of a strong relationship filled with love and respect," wrote the Hacks actor. "Fatherhood is something i have always looked forward to and i don't take lightly. It is the most important job i will ever do🙏."

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