Who Is Emma Chamberlain's Boyfriend? All About Role Model

From being discovered by Mac Miller to his Euphoria audition, here's a roundup of interesting facts about the rising star

Tucker Pillsbury
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Meet rising star Role Model, who's continuing to rock the music scene.

The singer-songwriter, born Tucker Pillsbury, has been a music star on the rise since the release of his debut EP in 2017. In the years that followed, the 24-year-old has gone on to work with today's top artists, performed at some of the biggest venues and wrapped a headline tour and festival-circuit last year.

Music aside, Role Model has caught the public's eye in recent years due to his mysterious relationship with YouTube sensation Emma Chamberlain, first turning heads heads when they walked the red carpet together at the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in March.

While their romance wasn't confirmed at the time, the YouTuber admitted she was in a relationship on the Call Her Daddy podcast a month prior — though, she played coy about the person's identity. Now, nearly a year later, the two have made their relationship official in a recent GQ feature.

"I know that people are going to be like, 'Emma, you're a f—king hypocrite,' because I always said this is something I will never do," Chamberlain told the outlet of her decision to publicize her romance. "There's parts of our relationship that are going to be private forever, and those things we keep sacred. But I don't think we need to be secret anymore. It's just like, I'm over that s—t."

Although the Chamberlain and Role Model are only making their relationship official now, the pair have known each other for years. They texted throughout the COVID-19 pandemic for months before ever meeting in person.

"We have a very just unproblematic, safe, private—when we want to be private—relationship," Role Model told GQ. "We're never going to be posting photos and selfies of us on a beach in Cabo." He added, "We just are trying to be professional within our own careers."

Here's everything to know about rising star Role Model.

Role Model was discovered by Mac Miller

Tucker Pillsbury
Tucker Pillsbury/Instagram

After releasing his 2017 ballad "Stolen Car," a song about longing and addiction, Role Model caught the attention of late rapper Mac Miller, eventually leading to his deal with Interscope Records and his move to Los Angeles.

"Then, the [Instagram] DM happened. Mac Miller reached out and flew me out, and my career kicked off," Role Model told GQ. "He told me he related to 'Stolen Car.' Then, he passed. I was back home when I got the call, and I started crying when I hung up. Mac was the first person to see me as an artist."

Role Model's Rx album teased his relationship with Emma Chamberlain

Role Model's rise to fame has been nonetheless rapid since his days at the University of Pittsburgh in 2018. Following his record deal, several music releases, and move across the country, the up-and-coming musician released his debut album Rx in April 2022.

When Role Model first started writing the album, it mainly consisted of love songs. Although he scrapped the original cut, approaching it from a more "unique" angle, he told GQ that the album is "all about [his girlfriend]."

In fact, fans have speculated that the girl featured in his "neverletyougo" music video is Chamberlain, despite the person never showing her face.

"It's one of my favorite songs, and now it's one of my favorite videos," Role Model told PEOPLE. "It's always the simple ones, I guess."

Chamberlain was involved with another one of his projects: the music video for his song "a little more time." On Feb. 17, 2023, Role Model posted a clip from the video on Instagram with the caption "a little more time video out now ❤️ shot by @emmachamberlain."

Role Model had never been in a relationship before

Tucker Pillsbury and Emma Chamberlain
Role Model and Emma Chamberlain. Daniele Venturelli/WireImage

In an April 2022 interview with GQ, Role Model revealed that his current relationship is his first-ever girlfriend.

"This relationship is my first girlfriend ever. I'm so used to sleeping around and breaking hearts," he said. "I was very closed off to the idea of a relationship before this. I was always scared of how it would influence my music." He added, "I'm just so happy with this person, though. She's the best."

Role Model performed at Coachella

Role Model
Role Model. Scott Dudelson/Getty

Role Model made his Coachella debut on the Gobi Stage during the festival's first and second weekend in 2022 and was stoked to hear the crowd sing along during his set.

"At Coachella, there were far more people than I would've expected," he told PEOPLE. "It felt a lot like our shows on tour, which is cool. It's very inclusive, and we're all singing together."

He added, "Our first show on tour was in Pomona [in California] right before Coachella. It was days after we put out the album, and the fans knew every word. I didn't even know the words yet!"

Role Model sees acting in his future

Tucker Pillsbury
Tucker Pillsbury/Instagram

In addition to music, Role Model has a passion for acting. Prior to the release of his album, he set out to audition for the role of Elliot in Euphoria. Although it ended up going to Dominic Fike, the musician told GQ that he went all-in on the audition process.

"Dominic Fike did a great job, but I was up for that role," he explained. "Before the audition, I studied for two weeks and locked myself in my apartment. I want to go into acting alongside my music career."

He also recently told PEOPLE that the role of Elvis Presley in Baz Luhrmann's film (which was played by Austin Butler) "probably would've been [his] dream."

Role Model has Type 1 diabetes

Role Model
Role Model. Scott Dudelson/Getty

There is a lot of adjusting that comes with Role Model's busy lifestyle, making touring a bit of a learning curve, especially with the added responsibility of managing his Type 1 diabetes.

"This is the first tour where I really had to think about it," he told PEOPLE. "I felt super lost a couple months ago with it. It's definitely a hard thing to try and get the crew educated. It's a small window of time and there's a whole lot to learn. I'm still learning, and it's been 10 years."

Role Model told PEOPLE he has found a mentor in Haim's Este Haim, who also has Type 1 diabetes.

"She is incredible," he said. "We met a while back in Paris, and she has been really helpful. She put me in contact with all these people from [diabetes management companies] Dexcom and Tandem. She's been like a f—ing mother to me."

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