April 12, 2018 02:20 PM

Rod Stewart and Cyndi Lauper will soon share the stage on their second joint tour. And while they get along now, the pop icons shared some playful barbs when they initially performed together.

The singers sat down with PEOPLE and shared their first impressions!

Stewart, 73, and Lauper, 64, first met in 1985, when they both performed at an AIDS benefit in L.A.

“I know you didn’t like my suit! It was electric blue. You said it was too loud,” Stewart says.

Responds Lauper: “I didn’t think it was rock and roll. I said that to him. He was sad.”

Rod Stewart and Cyndi Lauper in 1985
Ron Galella/WireImage

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Though they first shared the stage in ’85, Stewart and Lauper had already become acquainted previously.

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“We had met at the Sunset Marquis [Hotel in West Hollywood],” Lauper says of a dinner with their teams. “I remember I got a paper cut, and he said, ‘Let it bleed, it’ll be better.’ I was like, ‘Oh my God.'”

Rod Stewart & Cyndi Lauper
Matthew Salacuse

Stewart says he was a Lauper fan from the get-go.

“I thought [she] had a soulful voice,” he says. “I like ‘Time After Time.’ I’d love to have recorded that, such a gorgeous song.”

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And the feeling was absolutely mutual on Lauper’s end — which is why she says collaborating with Stewart was on her “bucket list.” In 2017, the pair hit the road together, and this summer, Lauper will open for Stewart on their second tour together.

“I’m a fan,” says Lauper of the ’70s heartthrob. “He’s just one of the great rock and roll singers.”

Rod Stewart and Cyndi Lauper’s joint tour kicks off June 25 and runs through Sept. 21.

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