November 17, 2016 09:00 AM

Rita Wilson is sharing some very special photos from her and husband Tom Hanks‘ big fat Greek wedding nearly 30 years ago in the new lyric video for her song “Even More Mine.”

As producer and star of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, Wilson co-wrote the tune with Nathan Chapman and Darrell Brown. Wilson performs the song herself over the credits of the film. “There’s a bond that’s eternal when you get married,” she says of the song, which is about the love spouses share. “That’s one of the feelings we have. It’s like, ‘We did it. We’re here. We’re still going strong. We’re still standing!”

Months back, the star posted a call-out to fans on her Facebook page to submit their wedding videos and photos. She ultimately incorporated many into the lyric video.

“The fans really made the Greek Wedding movies,” Wilson says of their inclusion. “I just thought it was a way to give back, in a sense. ‘How could I thank you for your support? Well, maybe your picture will go into this video.’ You can’t really ever show your thanks one hundred percent, because you don’t know everybody — but this was a small token of thanks for everything they’ve done for us.”

In addition to highlighting her own wedding — as well as executive producer and star Nia Vardalos and husband Ian Gomez’s special day — Wilson included photos from her parents’ Allan and Dorothy’s wedding.

“If it weren’t for my parents and their example of an amazing couple and how to be married for 58 years before my dad died, I don’t think I would have understood what a good marriage was like,” says Wilson.

The song’s Oscar and Golden Globe eligibility gives her even more reason to celebrate. “We wrote the song with the intention of writing it for the movie, but we didn’t know if it was going to be selected because you still have to go through all the steps of hoping everyone likes it,” she says. “I’m really thrilled!”

“It’s hard to talk about something that you’ve written and performed because it just feels like one of your babies,” she continues. “You write it and put it out there, and love it and just hope that people feel the same.”

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